Friday, November 07, 2008

Bailey And A Few Questions

First I have had alot of people ask about Bailey, haven't updated on here though so here it is. Tuesday we brought Bailey home. My vet was not real happy because he knows we have kids and he's afraid with Bailey's condition he may get hurt even more. He didn't realize we had 5 though and when my mom informed him I guess he told her "Wow, all David has to do is look at her and she's bred." Is that not awful or what?!?!?! Makes me want to NOT do business there again.

Anyways, we are keeping him in his pet taxi and one of my mom's dog playpens. We were told he was only lifting his head, unable to get up at all, and not to bend his back or he'll never walk. Well I think being home (like I suspected) would help him out. I can't even imagine being in a Vet dog kennel listening to other dogs bark all day plus not much interaction. Well in the playpen right away he started trying to walk but he falls over or his legs fold under him. He wasn't doing a great job getting on the potty pads (I tried taping them together even) so I thought I'd try taking him outside to potty/poop plus give the poor dog some dignity or normalcy other than laying and doing the job. Going outside really shows that he may mend from this. He tries so hard to walk around, find a spot and go but usually ends up falling over like a drunk. The funny part is seeing him lay down and hike his leg. The vet doesn't want him trying at all and just to lay down and rest. I'm positive to think he MAY just may be one of the dachshunds that makes it through having their back go out however the vet has told us by 2 months if he's not back on his feet, he probably never will be.

I have asked Dave a thousand times about the mouse bait they use at his job if it could have caused this and he says it does not get passed on if he eats a mouse. I want to believe that it's just his back going out like the vet thinks but Dave has been putting out tons of mouse bait in boxes because we live in the sticks and our barn has TONS of mice. The X-ray shows no visible trauma to his back at all. Vertebrae is fine, discs look good. It's almost like it's neurological and I only say that because he's acting like our old neighbor's dog who would trip all over the place when it had an epileptic fit. It finally had so many it's brain was fried and unresponsive. So anyways here we wait for Dec 25th (2 months) to see if he's going to recover. If not we will sadly put him to sleep. Now for a question:

Sophia is now 3 1/2 weeks old and STILL is sporting her yucky stump. I called the Dr's office about it and they said it's no big deal. It is NOT anywhere close to coming off! It's yellow gooey when I move it a bit for a better look. Anyone else had this happen? Usually by 2 weeks the other kid's fell off but not this kid!

Anyone ever had a overly possessive big sister who can't get it that she's the problem and not the other kids? Mia about beats the living tar out of any sibling that comes close to Sophia however when she comes to love her sister, she ends up hurting her. I have caught her doing some horrible things to her like crushing her head with her hands, poking her eyes out, swinging her as fast as she can make the baby swing go. She really thinks she is being nice too!! She talks gibberish all sweet and loving to Sophia and then does something quickly out of blue. I don't dare leave her in the same room as her unattended. I don't know what to do about it. I've tried to make her understand she has to be nice but she is such a holy terror she just screams in her martian language, hits me and takes off running. Mia is not a sweet charming little girl like she used to be and acts like a total out of control boy. It's only gotten worse since Sophia has arrived. She's constantly beating up on someone. Wanna see? I don't actually condone and watch them fight but she didn't realize I was right there watching till I said something. Help!


kbreints said...

I cannot believe that she is so big!! Well-- it just looks like she is trying to keep up with the wrestling boys!!

Mama Kalila said...

I can't remember how long it took Kalila's to fall off, but it was longer than I expected too... over 3 weeks, maybe a month. So yeah, is normal!

I hoe Bailey gets better...

Haley said...

Are you using rubbing alcohol on it? I always used it and rubbed it in with a q tip. If you are, continue until it falls off.

Your poor doggy, that is heartbreaking, I really hope he recovers.

Oh and your vet is very rude! Give him what for, cheeky guy.

Have a great weekend.

Lucia's Mom said...

I think Emma's took about 3 weeks too.

As for the big sister smother, I just leave Emma in the pack and play or crib if I have to leave the two in the same room, otherwise I keep them in sight of me. Lucia is kinda random too. Tries to hug her but then puts her hand on her belly to help her stand up! doh!

Kirsten said...

Ruby's stump didn't fall off for MANY weeks. I started thinking that I had left some meat out to rot somewhere and then realized that it was my baby. Yuck. Her Dr. told me to gently remove. Seriously stinky.

Colleen said...

My third baby's cord was gooey as well as a little bit bloody. I had been cleaning it with rubbing alcohol but had the doc look at it when we were in for a weight check. The doctor said that sometimes the cord acts as though it's trying to still 'work', so she treated it with silver nitrate and within a couple of days it was looking good.