Monday, November 10, 2008

Do You Believe?

Right before Sophia was born I was having Dave get some spicy Chinese food out of desperation that it would put me into labor so the myth goes. Obviously it didn't. The fortune cookies that we got were quite interesting. I always get something rather odd. Mine this time was It Tastes Sweet whatever that's supposed to mean. Dave got the one in the picture. I thought it was exciting (he thought it was rather stupid) and decided to hang in on the cork board in the kitchen.

Fast forward two weeks after Sophia was born. Dave's boss takes Dave and the other service manager out to lunch to tell them he's leaving the company and his last day would be on Oct 30th. Dave asked the other manager if he cared that he would apply for the branch position because he didn't want some new guy coming in there to boss them around. Shane said he didn't care (he's happy with his position now) so Dave told his regional he was interested and took the management tests. And here we wait. They've told the two of them not to expect an answer for about 3 months on if Dave will get it or they will bring someone else in with more experience.

I pray that he gets this because he wants it badly and even though I hate his long hours, the nice pay raise would do us some good. However this pushes back our renovation plans because if he gets it, we will probably end up moving closer to his work. The company would help us transfer there. Right now he drives almost 1 hour there and then back another hour daily.

I believe in God, in miracles, and for now I want to believe in fortune cookies. :)


kbreints said...

I love it!! I hope that whatever happens is right for your family!

tracy said...

Wow, that would be interesting if it comes true.

Haley said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!