Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok, I admit. I am a Bisquick junkie. I love Bisquick. I love that you can make about a zillion things with it. I love it so much I usually have 2 of those big boxes of it from Sam's Club in the kitchen at all times. I use it all the time.
I had decided last night to make the Chicken Pot Pie recipe because it's quick and easy. When I started pulling out the frozen veggies out of the freezer, I went for the peas and carrots mix because I usually add that and some corn. As I opened the package I stopped and looked in there at all those frozen peas. Dave hates frozen peas so I thought maybe I should just try downsize the portion of peas I used however I was running low on time so as any Mom in a hurry would do, I said screw it and just poured it all in. They should just be happy we feed them right?
Sophia decided at dinner time she wanted to eat so I sat down with her and Dave got everyone else going on their food. I asked him to get me a bowl ready and I'd be there in a minute. When I came in, I noticed my food didn't really look like it should have, crust was kinda thrown around and not on top and it looked like someone had gone through it. As soon as I started eating Dave mentioned that there were too many peas and I should quit putting so many in there, just being a big whiner. I noticed mine had a ton of peas and said "yeah, maybe I did put too many in there." Then he starts to laugh, the laugh that means he's done SOMETHING. We are always clowning around and have a pretty comical relationship so I know exactly when something is up with him. Come to find out he decided that he'd give me my food but with all the peas he picked out from his food. Nice, eh? Do men ever grow up??


kbreints said...

nope. they don't. You can tell how much they love you though by all the teasing!

Can't live with 'em, would want to live without 'em.

Terri said...

He sounds JUST like my Michael! Men...lol! Thank God they make us laugh!

Mama Kalila said...

Sounds like something mine would do too... if I make a veggie he doesn't care for he won't touch it unless I put it on his plate for him...

Sara said...

It's been a while since I said hello on here, but I have been keeping up! First of all, that was so funny about the peas. LOL.

Secondly, oh my goodness, Dave's uncle really DOES look like that guy from Sopranos! That was hilarious, by the way.

As for Mia...oh my. LOL. Have you consulted any other moms of lots of kiddos for some advice? :)


Haley said...

My dh isn't fuss on peas either.

Gotta love the bisquit! :)

Tracy said...

I LOVE bisquick too!

You may wanna try this instead of peas if these veggies work for everyone... I use normandy blend. I get a huge bag pretty cheap (Bird's Eye brand). It has carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and yellow squash in it. I add potato and a tiny bit of onion. (My hubby hates peas too, and can tolerate cooked onion.) Sometimes I over cook the veg and the squash can get too soft, but it still tastes good. My husband actually requests my pot pies now that I make it this way... before he used to pick things out and put them in my dish too.
I also like this option because I can steam this blend up to go with any meal any day. I hate making decisions, so multiple bags in my freezer would overwhelm me. LOL!