Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Annual Open Enrollment Time!

I really dread when this comes up every year. I think most do?? Usually something has gone up or changed with our insurance and this year is no different. Dave's company is really good with putting out books and everything (even a DVD!) yearly explaining benefits and what not. We have been sitting down and looking over everything trying to figure what to do. We have till the 14th of November.

So here's the deal. PPO, Super PPO, and Premium PPO. We have Super PPO. We pay about $400 a month for it. Not a great deal but a decent deal for all of us.
  • a deductible of $600 per person/$1200 family
  • 80/20
  • $25 co-pays (used to be $20)
  • Family Out of pocket Max of $5,000/Single $2,500
  • Wellness is covered 100%

They raised it $50 a month to $450. (sigh) Now Dave's thinking we should just go ahead and do the PPO plan which is only $100 a month but get this. Here's how it goes. It's much like BCBS Affordablue plan. It scares the crap out of me.

  • deductible of $1000 per person/$2000 a family
  • 70/30
  • $25 Co-pays
  • Family Out of Pocket is $20,000/Single $15,000
  • Wellness is covered 100%

So would you do it? Would you do the $100 a month plan vs the $450 a month one that we already do? I could sock an extra $350 to the savings account but still do we gamble that nothing bad will happen to any of us?? What would you do? I can't even imagine having a hospital bill at only 70% covered and possibly owing $15,000. After Mia was born and I was thrown back in the hospital for Acute Pancreatitis, that bill alone was $25,000 plus my C-section bills were $15,000. All I owed was $2500 for all of it and we paid it off within a few months. Can you imagine $15K? That's like a freakin car loan!


Holly said...

I think I'd err on the safe side and keep the $450/month policy for another year, especially if Sophia is going to be having surgery...

kbreints said...

yeah-- I would have to agree w/ holly.... with as many kids you have and kids often need unseen things.... I would go for the price jump!

Sabrina said...

Holly- Oh yeah! I didn't think about her surgery. Duh! We find out more about that on the 17th at her ENT appointment.

Jennifer said...

Whoa!! Time to move to Canada!! Ya know how much all five of my births cost me??? NOTHING! I can't imagine paying to give birth! Good luck with the decision :)

Sabrina said...

Jennifer- I know! Luckily I figure it this way. The kids cost me $800 + 1,000 + 2,000 + 2,500 + 2,500. The first 3 we got about 3-4K back on taxes and with Mia we got $7500 back. So we're getting our money back with taxes. That's my "positive" way to look at it. LMAO!! Since the insurance isn't taxed it makes his income look lower when they take it out at the end of the year which really helps I guess.

We'll see what Barack Obama has instore for us though with his "change" ideas on healthcare.