Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kidfest 2008!

We go to this thing every year called Kidfest that the kids have a great time and well we talk to a bunch of vendors hoping for business. The kids get to do crafts, play with toys, try out 3-4 bounce house, etc. I was sad this year that the kids didn't get to meet Spongebob or see Dora but that's ok. It was interesting going with all 5 kids. This was our first big trip out, about a hour from home. I had to change diapers on Sophia, Mia, and Damien in the van and it was COLD. I don't think we'll be traveling out like this with all 5 during the winter months. It was a bit difficult especially with Mia who was crying over everything. She was a real treat at CiCi's crying and everyone just stared. We couldn't calm her down forever and she has this real high pitch whine/cry. Ugh. Thankfully Sophia just slept most of the trip! We took them to Big Lots and Sam's Club before coming back home since we don't have those stores in town.

Anyways the best part of the day had to be pulling into an old closed down Target parking lot so I could pump my boobs and a cop pulled up slowly next to my van to see what we were doing. Gotta love Wichita PD!! I mean we were parked in the middle of the empty lot, it's not like we were parked by the doors trying to break in the building. Dave was outside on Sophia's side giving her a binkie and I look over to see this cop stopping next to the driver side of the van, my shirt is hiked up and I've got this pump on my boob. I'm abit EXPOSED to say the least. As soon as I saw him I grabbed my shirt to pull it down but he was already staring at our van before I even saw him. I think as soon as he got an idea of what was going on he sped off fast as hell.

Here's a few pics

Dominic is trying out that new Spike the Dinosaur. The boys loved it!

Kids on a ladder truck

OMG Dominic will not stop talking about getting an Air Hog for Christmas now after going to Kidfest.
Ok this is Dominic and Alex posing with Thunderdog. He's the mascot for the Wichita Thunder Hockey Team. He made Dominic's day giving him that big hug I think. Check out his face.

The kids made some little CD spinners at this table.
Of course we spend forever at the trains.
Damien sliding down a blow up

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