Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birth Control

I ended up going to my 6 week postpartum appointment today, a few days early due to Thanksgiving. It went rather well. I chatted with the nurse a bit told her I wasn't sure on birth control yet and then she gave me a gown and left. A few minutes later she came in with a Mirena brochure and told me my OB thought I needed to consider this form of birth control. I figured she was going to try pushing me into going for an IUD because she's getting out of the OB practice and of my whole scarring issue with 5 C-sections. I sat there and read through the whole pamphlet since she took forever.

Finally she came in and we started talking about birth control. First, I know everyone has their own beliefs on birth control. I prefer doing NFP with no hormones and having a complete "feel" for what's going on with my body but have taken the pill before kids. I'm not a firm believer that the pill or other methods could cause an abortion because I don't think there has been enough evidence to prove it. If it was, my views would change. I believe no matter what you do to your body our Lord is ultimately the one who will choose your family size. My OB thinks Mirena would be great for us since we can have another if we want, I'm nursing, and most likely I wouldn't have a period. I've heard these things can expell which kinda freaks me out and I was a bit confused because according to the commercials if you've had PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) you aren't to use it which is why I've never considered it. She told me since I had PID at 18 it is highly unlikely that I could get it from an IUD however it still concerns me. I am the most sensitive person to just about anything down there or on my skin. PID is very very painful, put me in the hospital and I don't want to get it ever again. lol When I think back to that horrible experience I just smile because I was told I would most likely never have kids and now here I am with 5. The other option we discussed was the mini pill which I have never used either. After each kid we either do nothing (lol) or use FAM or NFP. Charting for us has been effective until I get baby fever so bad I don't really care, he doesn't care and then end up pregnant which is what usually happens.

I told her that I was really disappointed and actually cried when I got the brochure in the mail telling that they were quitting OB at their office. She felt bad and said if we wanted another she would be there for us completely. She would see me until I was 14 weeks and then I would go to another OB colleague of hers and they would have no problem doing another C-section. I asked about the scar tissue on my bladder she had mentioned and she said it was there previously from Mia, she just never told me it was on my bladder. Great! So anyways it looks like she's ok if we do go ahead and have another but I still need to wait that year (which I really try to do!) I really hate the thought of having 2 Dr's but I have been going there for 9 years now and she's delivered all the kids. It's just hard.

When leaving I ran into Stephanie who was the nurse when I went in for my stitch removal, I fell apart crying to. Then she called me a week later and I cried on the phone then too. She really pressed me to take antidepressants to get over the hump. I had promised her I did not have PPD and I just needed a few weeks for the baby blues to run it's course. Today when she looked at me, I pointed to her smiling and said "See, I'm still alive, I didn't kill myself or anyone!" We just laughed and gave each other a big hug. It's so funny going there for so long the bond that I have with the women in this office. My OB had told me that Stephanie was really upset after I left that day crying and was fearing I was going to lose it. So I was glad to see her and tell her I was ok.

Now the fun part......not getting pregnant for a year. Or more. lol I am about 85% sure that we will have another. What would you suggest? Mini pill, Mirena, or back to Natural Family Planning? Any way I go I still will be freaking that I'm pregnant every month but I think that's just the POAS (pee-on-a-stick) addict in me. :)


Haley said...

I thought c-sections mommies couldn't use an IUD/Mir if they have never had a vaginal delivery. I never really looked much into it because it wasn't for me. Good luck with your decision, I am betting by the summer you will be pregnant! :)

Mama Kalila said...

NFP... I love it... Is my only option lol... Of course keep in mind this is coming from a completely prolife me who's against bc lol. But... 99% of women I either know or talk to who've had the mirena have had serious problems with it. The mini pill has to be taken at the exact time every day... I've done too much research to ever consider any of those options... Good luck making that decision though. I know it's not easy.

Leslie said...

I had Mirena in between #4 and #5. It was alright, but at about month 7 I became a raving lunatic and had my OB take it out. It was like I had PMS x 1000. Soooo not worth it for me or dh. Right now I'm on the pill.

Good luck in deciding. It's not easy.

Veronica said...

Hi Sabrina! So glad you are doing better. Okay, here is my view on this.

I had an IUD and it freaked me out beyond belief. I never felt like myself having this weird thing inside of me all of the time. AND one of my best friends had an IUD right after delivery with her second and she ended up spending 2 days in the hospital because of a raging PID a result!!!

I feel like you do about BC and family size. I feel like people are too quick to play God. I am all about NFP because it is safe, natural, effective, and leaves harmless room for God to come in and do His thing with no retrobutions. Make sense? I would stick with NFP if I were you. I just seems right, to me anyway.

And I am so sorry about your doc leaving the practice. That would be soooo hard!!! Good luck with everything.

Lucia's Mom said...

I agree on the NFP for you, if Dave's cool with that. I am always a little unsure if bc will increase my cancer risks later in life so I don't want to take it. I also agree that the abortifacient stuff is overblown and not proven. I have the same exact decision to make (and nearly identical views to you). I'm curious what you decide. Good luck hun!

Crystal said...

Personally, I'm not for IUD's at all, because I'm an IUD baby. My mom had one in when I was conceived, so I've just never had faith in them. Plus, the idea of having something in my uterus all the time creeps me out.

I am doing the mini-pill right now and nursing exclusively. I did get my first PPAF, but that was 4 days into the pill. I got my PPAF 2 months after having J as well.

I think the mini-pill will work for us. :)

Keep us posted!

kbreints said...

oh girl.. you are a glutten for punishment....errr--- amazing!

Haha-- I am glad that you got the answer that you wanted though! Don't ever let anyone give you a hard time about your family decisions!!

Pipsylou said...

IUD freaks me out.

Mini pill, which I'm currently on, makes my face break out terribly. I'm moody and I hate it.

I think we are soon going to NFP.

Good luck with these decisions! And Sophia is SO sweet!

Trina said...

NFP -- That's what I would choose.

It's my understanding that some forms of the pill in addition to suppressing ovulation also thin the lining of the uterus (which is why your periods are lighter when on it) and if an egg does release by "mistake" and gets will not be able to implant :( I don't know if this is what you are referring to when you say it's not proven, but even if it has not been proven, I'd rather err on the side of caution and just assume that it was.

Mama Kalila said...

Btw.. I'm about to put up a new post, not on my main blog but the second one, about this new NFP information site that I found. I love it! They did a good job on it. There's even a section that explains the Biblical reasons for it. But yeah, not sure exactly when I'll put it up... hopefully today though! (the site is already linked on there though.. I managed to get htat much done lol)