Monday, November 24, 2008

He Listens

I had a total of 4 kid Dr. appointments and 1 Dr. appointment for myself last week. The last one was friday for Alex who all week was holding her ear but said nothing was wrong. It was badly infected. (sigh) Silly kid hates to be a burden. While there I slipped Sophia on the baby scale and was shocked that she only weighed 11lbs 3 oz. She feels much heavier than that. She's definitely a butterball.

Something amazing is happening and the only way I can explain it is that God answers prayers. Sophia's mouth has had me worried sick. It kills me to think of some scalpel on her gums trying to rid whatever it is she has going on there and then the pain afterwards she will endure from it. From her Dr's appointment that we had with the ENT last Monday till this weekend, the tissue mass has reduced MORE in size. It's the most unbelievable thing! Now when she cries and opens her mouth it's not the first thing you see. I am starting to wonder if maybe this won't just disappear. That would be so awesome but I still know that even if the bubble mass in front is gone that there is still other tissue attached to the gum line and I'm not sure if they'll leave it alone or want to take it out. I just continue to pray daily that our little girl can be rid of this mess and we can all move on.

Here is shortly after birth. At this point the front part was about the size of a big pea and the rest hung down about 1 mm from her gums.

This picture is from this weekend. The back lumps are almost flat with the gum line and the front tissue has drastically reduced in size. It's still attached to the front of the gum plate though compared to the other 2 spots are attached to the bottom.
I told Dave the other day I can't even imagine if I was working again having to go back to work at this time. She is 6 weeks old already. Wow! She is just now starting to stare at your mouth when you talk to her and occasionally smile. Mia is loving being a big sister but still does not understand that you can't cram your head against a babies' or lay on top and not expect her to cry. You can't poke their eyeballs out or push a bottle down their throat. Hopefully with time she'll understand. She really loves to tell other kids we're around that they can't touch or play with the baby though. It's only ok if she does it and not anyone else. Crazy girl.


Cindy said...

what wonderful news! What a strange thing to happen, but maybe god knows that you just can't deal with anything else right now. I am so gald it is going away. Yay yay yay!

Tracy said...

Happy to see your prayers are being heard.

Heidi said...

Great News!

Do you guys think she looks like Dominic? I do!

kbreints said...

That is so amazing-- Prayers DO work!

She is adorable!! She looks lot like the boys!!

Haley said...
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Haley said...
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Haley said...

"Do you guys think she looks like Dominic? I do!"

Me too.

That is great news,do you think maybe it is an infection of some sort?

I am so happy it's shrinking, you sure can see the difference in the photos.

Pretty little thing :)

Sabrina said...

I am not sure what it is but all the sudden the way it's just shrinking is unbelievable. It's almost like now that we're coming to these Dr's appointments it's deciding to go away. There's only a tiny bit of fluid in it now compared to that Dr's appointment last week. So happy about this!!

Cindy- I agree. I'm stressed out enough and maybe he's taking note. lol

Heidi & Haley- you know I compare the baby pictures and they almost all look the same between all 5 kids. I'll have to make sure they either have a label or date so I know who they all are!

Veronica said...

Sabrina, that is AWESOME!! I am s happy that your little girl's mouth is fixing itself. I know God does hear and answer prayers, especially those on behalf of sweet babies. I am thinking of you!