Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I can't believe the 4th is finally here so we can see who is going to win this election. It was fun watching all the snide comments McCain and Palin constantly tossed the public and listening to Obama make us all bubbly inside with his change plan. I, like everyone else I imagine, am ready to get it over with and move on. Honestly though, it doesn't matter who's in charge living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, God is ultimately in control.

Today is a good day. I think after lunch we will be bringing Bailey home. I have pleaded with the vet to let us just bring him home and try re cooping him here for a month or so until it's obvious he'll never walk again. Right now he can scoot forward about 2 inches and lift his head. He tries to move his back legs but he can't stand on either. I was really afraid of the vet bill but he said we're currently only at around $350. We're going to keep him in this play yard I have from daycare and hope for the best.

Halloween was interesting to say the least. Having a newborn out with you makes a big difference. Everytime I say I want to leave at this time, we leave 30 minutes later. Halloween was no exception. We finally got out the door at 6:30. We went to the 2 church fall festivals and Dave was not happy with me at all because everyone had to see Sophia and I would end up chatting for quite awhile. He was in charge of 4 kids who wanted to play all the games and run all over. After a few hours doing that we took the kids through this neighborhood we go to yearly. It's nice because the houses are all lit up and you can touch hands threw each other's windows, they are THAT close. So very easy for the kids to pick up tons of candy. Think we ended up with 30 lbs when Alex weighed the trash bag afterwards. This is a pic of the kids before leaving. We had Alex as Cleopatra, Dominic as Bumblebee, Sophia as a pumpkin, Mia as a ladybug, and Damien as a very happy race car driver.
The pumpkin outfit that Sophia is wearing is an interesting story. Dave's mom sent it in a box around Halloween last year. I told her there was no way Mia could wear it (0-3mth) since she was about 9 months old. His mom told me to hang on to it because we might need it in the future. Kinda strange a kid DID end up wearing it after all and it fit perfectly.

While we were out that night I took this picture for Sophia's baby book. Gas is actually almost as cheap as it was when Alexzandra was born. It was a huge deal back in 2000 because it was getting ever so close to $2 a gallon. I think on her birthday it was $1.75. Anyways it's still this price and we filled up my van for $33!! Holy cow! Now I'm kicking myself for not going ahead and getting that Suburban we wanted. lol

Things are going really well now compared to the first few weeks. I just have to figure out how to do dinner, referee, and tend to a baby who wants to eat all at once. It's very easy going in the mornings but once 4 pm hits and Dom and Alex show up, it turns into a 3 ring circus. We're still working on breastfeeding. Some days she can latch for awhile and then others it's like 20 seconds, scream, 15 seconds, scream, etc. I don't think she's efficient on my boobs though. I still am pumping every 2 hours and get alot. We have about 3 weeks until her appointment to find out more on surgery.
So are you ready for this? It shouldn't surprise you at all.....I'm ready to try again. lol! I think I suffer from EPS. (Eternal Pregnancy Syndrome) I asked Dave if he would be open to another and his deer in the headlight look was followed with a slow "I...don't.....know." I've already started thinking if we conceived November 09 we could have a August 10 baby before school starts. Am I awful or what. I know by the time my 6 week postpartum appointment came with Mia I was the same way and even told my OB who couldn't believe it. She said I had to promise to wait that full year (which I did) but still ended up with more scar tissue problems this time. I'm sure she won't be pleased to hear I've been thinking about this and probably try to talk some sense into me after what she saw in surgery. I would probably be taking a leap of faith for sure going for a 6th C-section. We'll see though. I could completely change my mind in 6 months but I highly doubt. EPS has one hell of a strong hold on me.


kbreints said...

Yep-- sounds like whatever this EPS is DOES have a strong hold on you!!

Also-- I am glad that you took the time to talk to friends and let hubby look after the kids..... you need that time!

Mama Kalila said...

Love the pics... such cute little Trick or Treaters...

I've got baby fever bad too.. Was actually convinced i was pg last week... but got a neg test yesterday & cried. We really need to wait until April to start trying for real, but still...

Oh and gas is down to 1.99 here too! :-D

Jess said...

The costumes are really cute - I love Mia the ladybug!

I commend you for pumping. I hate pumping, ugh. You seem to managing really well with 5! I don't know how you do it, some days I am so overloaded with only 2! :-)

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

adorable babies you have girl! No wonder you have EPS!