Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick Meme

I was tagged so I'm going to do this quickly!

Where would your 8 homes be? Why?

1. Here in Kansas- because of family and friends, we live rural but near the city which is nice so we have land and it's quiet.

2. Colorado- Colorado Springs. Love it there, either there or Pueblo. I love the Mountains, the weather. Dave is from Colorado so all his family is in that area.

3. Oklahoma- another nice state. We actually looked at houses in Tulsa 2 yrs ago thinking we'd transfer with Dave's job but last minute he changed his mind and didn't want to do it.

4. Wyoming- beautiful landscape, awesome wildlife, smelly gysers. lol

5. Texas- Just because the weather isn't too different. lol

6. Nebraska- So I can be a Corn Husker! Ok, now I'm just making stuff up.

7. Virginia- My grandma was born and raised there (in Grundy) and it's ALL she talks about. I know the area from her as beautiful because of the mountains/valleys but I think her town was a coal mining town. I would shoot myself if I moved there and inherited her awful accent though. She can't even pronounce our poor kids name correctly, or say wash (warsh) or tired (tard), etc.

8. Missouri- I guess because alot of our friends from highschool left here and live up by KC now. lol Only reason I'd probably move there is just to see them on a regular basis again. I wouldn't look forward to living in fear of being shot or having my car scrapped out as my friend found her's one morning. It was on blocks even just like the movies. I'd say 90% of the Civic was gone and the shell was there. lol

The 8 people I'm going to tag are.....Kristi Ann, Sheri, Katie, Cindy, Jennifer, Jennifer A, Sara, Crystal. Sorry I can't link at the moment, Sophia is starting to scream!!

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