Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daddy is teaching her too well!

Kid at heart here.... I want a Nintendo DS for Christmas. I figure it would be nice for myself and the kids especially when we wait at Dr's appointments and just fun to have. Dave however says no way to my request of one. The other day watching TV Alex (8) comes up handing me a piece of paper which was a paper life sized Nintendo DS. Nick magazine had put it in their magazine and on the back of it was a wishlist of games that kids could circle. I said, "what's this, do you want one now too?" She replied, "no, you wanted one so here ya go!" Smiling real big and giggling. Of course then I yelled at Dave asking if he told her to do that and he swears he didn't. Sadly, I think I believe him that she came up with it on her own!


Haley said...

That is funny, I think a lot of adults are into them! They are making more games with adults in mind. Crosswords, cooking,ect..I wouldn't mind a little pink one too.

Merry Christmas you you and your family. :D

Tracy said...

That's cute.

Ben had a few different systems at different times and he really liked having it when I was pregnant getting NST's. He always came to my appointments.

We actually got Matty the V-Smile pocket for Christmas this year since we drive long distances for shopping and family visits.

Merry Christmas... I hope Santa gets you what you want.