Friday, December 26, 2008


I'll never forget it. Sitting in A hall Junior year chatting with girlfriends. Another one of them came up with a girl and said "Hey Sabrina, have you met Sabrina?" I was shocked, never met another Sabrina before, let alone almost the same age. After that we became pretty good friends, hung out smoking in the parking lot before and after school, sat together at lunch. I graduated, lost touch with her since she was 2 yrs behind me. When the news came yesterday, Christmas Day saying Sabrina Jones, 30 murdered in her home I told Dave I sure hope it wasn't her since I didn't know her married name. Now that they are blasting both her and her husband's photos all over the news. It is her. I feel so bad for the children. Especially if it is revealed that the Dad did do this after all.

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