Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shopping for Ice Cream

Since Dave left with Dom for a bit to go find some ice cream I thought I'd pop on here for a minute since I probably won't be able to for a few days. Dominic's tonsil surgery is tomorrow so we are catering as much as possible to him, including his favorite ice cream and hopefully some new McDonalds Bionicles on our way home from the hospital. Be thinking of us tomorrow morning, his surgery is at 9 am. I'm a bit freaked out and praying everything goes well.

Christmas was good for us, great for the kids. I don't know how to explain it really. I loved watching the kids open their gifts and all the excitement with that but I was just "not there" this Christmas. I didn't get to cram in alot of things we normally do which kind of saddened me. I took down everything after all the hoop-la was over. I didn't even do much of any shopping after Christmas which is REALLY not me. I usually spend a few hundred on the 26th. I spent $60. My gift was this nice Fugi camera.
Nope, didn't get the Nintendo DS. lol I was shocked he actually bought it for me. I was drooling over it on QVC one night because of it's HD video and the quality of taking pictures at night, along with a zillion other features. I already have a nice camera we paid $250 for a few years back but I'm retiring it to Alex for 4H since she's in photography now. Here's a few pictures of our Christmas. I bought him the new Call of Duty on Wii with the Wii gun. Here's a few pictures of our Christmas this year.
We spent all Christmas Eve morning baking and preparing items. Alex loves to help and she was put to work!

The reason we had to make so much food was because we had Christmas Eve with family at our house again this year. Missed our Christmas Eve service and feel horrible about that!! Here's our kiddos with their 2 cousins.
That evening after everyone left the kids sprinkled Reindeer food across the yard.
I did just buy a few things for their stockings instead of the normal zillion items. Sophia got 2 rattle type toys, the kids each got a book, toothbrush, coloring book, a small toy that would fit in there, and some soap. That's all I did and it all fit. lol Really proud of myself for just buying a few things!

I don't know if I ever mentioned in the past that we don't wrap Santa gifts, only the ones from us. The kids receive 3 gifts just as Jesus did.

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Jenn said...

LOL! We sprinkled Reindeer food outside too this year! Jade got it at school! So cute!