Monday, December 29, 2008

Now I Know How He Feels

Today just broke my heart but I think Dave, Dom and I are doing well with recovering from this whole ordeal. We woke up around 6. Remember how I've mentioned how in sync we are? Well our alarms (he has one on his side of the bed too) went off at the exact same SECOND which caused both of us to nearly jump to the ceiling. I set mine at 6 am and didn't realize he did as well. I however was the only one that got out of bed to get ready for the day. He finally got up around 6:30. I didn't want Dom up right away but he did wake around 7 ish. Made sure the other kids didn't eat until after we left because I didn't want the poor guy to have to watch anyone eat. We got checked in at 8:30 and sat in the waiting room. I wanted to just grab him and run out the door! I tried to "look" happy the whole time for him. Poor guy still didn't have much of a clue what was going on. He brought some cars to play with, wanted to bring his Air Hog Heli but I told him probably not a good idea! After all the paperwork we had a talk from the nurse anesthesiologist and another nurse who was to be with him. My biggest concern was how he'd handle the general and how he'd come out. I've had 3 generals, first was fine, second was horrific, and third was great. I know far too much with my own surgeries. Before they wheeled him away in the wagon Daddy, Dom and I all held hands and I prayed. I was really worried about doing this because I didn't want to scare him by making him think this surgery could hurt him so I kept it simple (in his terms) asking for a safe surgery and easy recovery. I even wore my Angel necklace that has a diamond birthstone for our little angel we lost in April 04. It's hard to explain but I needed and knew we'd have our little angel looking over us today. Then they wheeled him away in the wagon. Ugh. It was so hard to see him go and not be able to go with him. Makes ya feel a bit ill put it that way. It took about 40 minutes, they came and got us when he was just starting to wake. He wanted to lay on Daddy. Figures! (sigh) That's ok though. He was dizzy and all he wanted was that IV out. He only had tears a few times after he woke up and didn't fall apart at all which was what I was for sure would happen. I had been prepared by several people that this was the worst part. He ate a popcicle there and finally had his IV removed before we left. We sat in the recovery room for about 2 hours before they released us.

Dominic said he wanted to take his tonsils with him so I have them here. At the house. On the stove. YUCK! They are huge and Dr E says this will probably make some huge differences for us. Each one is about the size of my thumb down to my knuckle. Now though we're home and you can't really tell yet that he's had a surgery. He's been playing and not saying anything about pain....yet. lolI think the worst part of this whole deal was seeing what Dave goes through each time I've had a C-section. I have been a nervous anxious wreck and thought alot about this yesterday. Then this morning before leaving he could tell I was freaking out and said, "now you see what I go through." I was shaking in the waiting room, it's hard not to fall apart infront of the person having the surgery. Don't get me wrong though, Dave and I both had tears this morning when Dominic wasn't looking and when waiting afterwards. It really made me think about if we were to go ahead and have another little one, and a 6th C-section and how I've been warned over and over about my risks. I have faith in God and lay it all in his hands if we are ever blessed again. So now is recovery. They have told me to expect him to head downhill again on day 3 or 4 and then he should start getting better after that. I am sooo happy the worst part is over. Putting a little one through surgery is something I never thought I'd be able to handle but I did it! Thanks again to everyone for T's and P's and personal experiences. They really did make a difference.

Extremely happy mommy that Dominic handled surgery so well!


Haley said...

I am so glad the surgery went well, I am proud of you all. I really hope his throat heals quickly and things get back to normal.

Great X Mas photos by the way.

Happy New Year!

kbreints said...

oh I am so glad that it is over and it went so smooth!

Jen said...

I'm glad things went well! Hopefully day 3-4 wont be bad.