Monday, January 05, 2009

Tomorrow HAS to be the day

It's been a very busy week since my last post. Today was the first day back after Christmas break for the kids. Dominic stayed home with us but Damien and Alex headed back for the day. He is still not 100% so I kept him home. I had no idea this surgery took kids out of commission for this long. The first 3 days he acted as if nothing happened and then it just went downhill from there. I'll spare you all the details but there's been tons of coughing, flim, crying, and attitude. Oh along with waking up 2 times each night to administer Loratab on time every 4 hours. During this whole adventure I decided I'd get alittle attitude as well with Damien. I told him no more diapers as of Friday morning when he woke up and he could just poop and pee himself for all I cared. (we don't do pull-ups here) Four days later he's had just 2 accidents. Pretty impressive, eh? I even sent him to school today in Spongebob undies. Yeah I was tired of being nice so just like the other 2 with a little tough love and "you will sit there all day" approach he decided it was time to be a big boy. So that was that.

We had a big weekend at church along with service we joined a small group. We are doing the Starting Point program if anyone has heard of it. It'll be interesting to see how this goes. lol We're always so busy with the kids we've never done a small group in the past but I decided we needed to try. To kick it off the church had a chili get together last night so everyone could meet who was in their group. Our host is new at this so there's only 7 of us so far. It took me 4 hours to find someone to watch our kids last night so I decided we have got to find a teenage sitter who wants cash. lol We did eventually get my aunt over. I tried paying her but she's a nice aunt and said no way. I felt bad about it but she was persistant.

So that's about all that's new around here. I was very sad when the 31st rolled around because I had just discovered in the last month you could buy MP3's on Amazon with Pepsi points and then they ended their promotion. I got 5 songs. See how behind times I am?

Hopefully tomorrow Dominic will be getting back to school and things get back to normal around here. He's been acting really good today so I think I'm going to try sending him. In a way I think he's milking this whole thing. ;)


Morgan said...

I hope your little boy feels better soon!

kbreints said...

Yeah! One more out of diapers! That was when Henry got it... when we told him no more pull ups to bed....

What a relief!