Thursday, January 08, 2009

He's STILL home!

WELL this whole mess with Dominic has gotten a bit crazy. Come to find out that tummy aches and headaches were most likely from doses of Lortab every 4 hours and Mommy couldn't put 2 and 2 together. (sigh) After figuring this out after a full week of Lortab the ENT office had me toss it and they put him on Prednisone since he had a cough and still wasn't feeling 100%. So Tuesday came around and I was for sure he'd go back but he woke at 6 am pooping and it was a ton. Figured I'd just take him later. By 10 am it was full fledge diarrhea. Apparently he caught a stomach bug is what the Dr's office thinks is going on and they put him on Prevacid. It went on all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. By Wednesday night he couldn't walk his bum hurt so bad. It was awful!! Against their advice, Wednesday I finally gave him 1 bubblegum Pepto and later 1 Imodium AD. He had been going every 20 minutes and I'm not lying. It broke my heart seeing him because I was helping him with his bum and he cringed once saying "please don't wipe me hard like Grandma did." And PS: she used a baby wipe!!! My Grandmother watched him so I could run to the store for some food and goodies for him since he was couch bound for 2 days. So tomorrow is Friday, his throat seems to not bother him at all, I didn't see any diarrhea in the toilet (I asked him to let me look at it each time) and I think he may go back.

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