Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some People

Our insurance is about to change soon so I've scheduled a bunch of appointments since our co-pay is going to rise $5 each appointment. Dominic had his Pre-op appointment on his tonsil surgery yesterday. I took him into Dr E. The one I was visiting with about Sophia's mouth. AKA: Mr Hottie! He was really nice and had me take a look to show me that poor Dom really needs them taken out. When he opens wide, they nearly touch. He has to fight to breathe at night and it's no wonder his apnea is so bad. He said they are twice the size they should be which was pretty obvious!! A nurse came in to go over everything. Reading surgery paperwork is so frightening. I was advised any bleeding at are we are to go immediately to the ER, keep on his pain meds every 4 hours, he'll be in pain for about 5-6 days, etc. I signed everything and we went on our way to my appointment that I scheduled soon after his. In the waiting room Dominic asked the most heartbreaking question. "Mommy, what's pain??" Ugh. I was so sad having to answer that one and wondered as the nurse was talking earlier if he had been listening. Now I knew. I told him it's when someone hurts and sometimes medicine can help make them feel better. Then he said, "am I going to be in pain?" Oh boy oh boy. This surgery and leading up to it is going to KILL ME! He knows he's got a surgery coming up and he's not happy about it. He does not tolerate pain well which scares me. I've tried to delicately tell him by showing him pictures what's going to be taken out and why in which he's told me over and over he doesn't snore and shows me what he looks and sounds like when sleeping. He knows there's no way to hide the fact that he pees the bed and knows that this surgery will hopefully help him with that. I just hope it does.

We were called back for my appointment and got a LOVELY nurse (you know the one you'd love to strangle?) who took my vitals, got my history. Since Dominic was with me she asked if he was our only child. HA. Here we go! *rolling eyes* I responded, "no we actually have five." She stopped writing, looked at me and said....get this.........."Wow. That's a bit much in this day and age." STING! I held my tongue though and made funny faces at sweet little Dominic sitting in the chair next to me. Some people are just so ignorant.


kbreints said...

So glad that you updated! I cannot believe that she actually have the gaul to say something like that! Some people are just rude.

"what is pain?" **so sweet**

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

WOW! How nice of her to notify you on that newsflash.. Where was she a few kids ago when you needed to know that info? ( eye roll)