Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eye Exams Were Long Overdue

The past two weeks I've taken myself, Alex and Dom in for eye exams. We've had eye insurance forever but it's just one of those things I've put off for no good reason. We discovered at the appointments that I needed a stronger script so I got some new glasses, Alex is near sided like mommy so she got glasses, and Dominic with his eye that crosses is far sided however his right eye is swollen so he can't do a script until we get it back to normal to finish his exam. He will also need therapy to correct his eye so that the left doesn't have to work so hard. I felt bad when the Dr asked how long his eye had been crossing and I said about a year. Bad Mommy!! So we have another appointment in 2 weeks with Dominic.
Anyways these are my new glasses and I like them but I wonder if they are a bit too much for my face. Dave says if I wear my hair up I look like a cute dork, but if i wear my hair down with them, it looks bad. I think the biggest thing is my old ones didn't have that bottom rim on the glass so it wasn't so obvious I had glasses on. So I guess I wear my hair up everyday?! Or maybe just wear my old glasses on the days I wear my hair down? (insert shaking my head right here)
He also says it's all my fault the kids have bad eyes, his are perfectly fine. Do you ever get that? Anything wrong with a kid and it's the other parent's fault. So far the kids have taken my bad eyes and sarcasm but he says they have his great looks and math skills.


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

post a photo with hair down.. I think you look really cute.. I need new glasses too..UGH! thanks for reminding me. OH and everytime the kids do *stupid* stuff etc.. my husband says they got my familys stupid genes... So I guess they all say that!

Jess said...

I think those are very cute. Seem to be the style lately. Don't feel bad about waiting a while to take them in. At least you did it at some point and it doesn't seem like you really waited too terribly long. =)

Jess said...

Oh, and I was secretly glad when my husband had to get glasses because up to that point it had just been me with bad eyes and although our kids have so far escaped it I wanted someone else to share the blame. And actually, Brett didn't realize he needed glasses. He thought he was going to appease me and it turned out he actually had a problem! I'm terrible, I know!

Tracy said...

I get the he's your kid comments whenever he does something stupid, but I give the he's your kid comment whenever he does something gross, and everytime I look at him since he's a clone of Ben.

I like the glasses too. How does Alex like glasses? I always wanted them as a kid, but never needed them.

Sabrina said...

Tracy- Alex loves her glasses, a bit too much i think. lol! She told everyone and their grandma she was getting them OVER and OVER like a broken record! When they came in she was all smiles.

Jessica- I'll try to take one with my hair down so you can see the difference!

Jess- See that's bad karma isn't it!! lol

Julie said...

I need to see a pic with your hair down to give my opinion, but so far, I like them.

I have bad eyes, but hubby has bad teeth. Our poor kids inherit the good, the bad and the ugly, don't they!