Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Bad Economy Does Not Halt Girl Scout Cookie Buyers!

Well 10 days later, we still have stomach flu here. After this is all said and done I plan on calling contractors. Here's an equation for ya.

7 in a family + 1 bad stomach bug+ 1 bathroom= A Huge Flippin' Nightmare.

So during all this craziness around here and also being a Girl Scout leader, I was running our cookie sale. I just turned in my order today. 1500 boxes on our inital order but we'll sell more after they come in. Last year total we sold 1728. This is a picture of PART of my garage last year. It was insane!!This is great news for our girls! I have some exciting ideas and hopefully they will agree. I have to plan before telling though. You can not tell a bunch of kids something and not follow through, but since they don't read here..... here's one thing that I'd like to do with them. :) Horseback riding. :) I did open my mouth when Alex was around when I was talking to Daddy about this and she had a smile going from ear to ear. I know the other girls would love this and I've got a place to take them however here's the issue. Dave went there to do a job once, when he arrived and was talking to the owner's wife (most likely) she was talking about "your kind" (meaning Mexican) even referring that they all look the same. Did not fly well with him and well since he is Mexican and Italian. I guess you could say she sounded a little racist. This happened a few years back but anyways he'd rather not do business with this place. What would you suggest in this situation??

I gave them paper at our last meeting and asked them to write things they thought would be fun to do with their friends with their cookie money but they listed things we've done before. Skating, swimming, cooking, oh and their favorite thing last year I did with them....taking them to the mall shopping for Webkinz. Oh they want to do that one again soooo badly. lol So imagine if you were a Daisy, Brownie, Junior Girl Scout leader what would you do with a troop of 15 sweet little girls? Also would you do business at the ranch even though hubby says no way?


Julie said...

No answers for you on the ranch question, but can I just tell you HOW much I love Thin Mints and how sad I am that I cant buy any from your precious daughter!

Also, I was a girl scout and I think it's such a valuable activity. Sabrina, thanks for investing in the next generation. I loved my gs leader and still consider her a role model. I'm sure you are an example to all your girls.

Jess said...

I don't have any good ideas either but I have to say that you amaze me with everything you do! And it is making me have a serious craving looking at that picture of your garage!

Morgan said...

That's a lot of cookies! I hear they are going to downsize the ammount of cookies in the boxes- did you find this to be true for this year?

I would find a different place, expecially if your husband says no. If he's not on board, then I'd definantly either find a different location or a different activity. Are there any other horseback riding places near you?

kbreints said...

Oh no the economy has no bearing, I have put my order in already too!

I don't know about the ranch... I would most likely go anyway.... just because I knew how much the girls would love it. Some People can be ignorant, but that should not stop you from doing things that you love to do!

Mrs Marcos said...

Hypothetical question for you...What if the ranch leader says something to your daughter about "her kind?" Personally, I wouldn't risk exposing the girls to "that kind" of treatment. Their "cookie money" is hard earned and their effors should be rewarded (sounds like you already do a good job with this), I don't think the ranch lady should be rewarded for her poor behavior with the cookie money. If you can't find another place maybe do an alternative activity? Good luck and have fun with the troop!

The Obnoxious Stay at Home Mom said...

I LOVE Girl Scout Cookies! I can't wait to get my 6 boxes! :) I don't even consider the empty pockets I have when it came to buying them either. :)

Lucia's Mom said...

ya, try to find another horse ranch, I'm sure Dave would appreciate the solidarity.

Teesa69 said...

So sorry for the sickies...wow on the girl scout cookies!!

Haley said...

I hope everyone in your house feels better soon Sabrina.

I agree that's a lot of cookies. How very cool for you to be a girl scout leader, I can't wait to do things like that with my little Ellie.

You are awesome, I don't know how you do everything with a new baby.

Take care,