Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleeping In

We have co-slept with all 5 kiddos. It works well for us since I nurse. However by 3 months the kids are sleeping through and can wait to eat till 7-8 am. Not Sophie. Maybe it's because she's a big girl but she has become REALLY bad about night nursing. I'm pretty much doing it from 3 am-6 am. Yes, the whole time. Sleeping myself mostly through it. As soon as I get her loose she wakes up and starts pressing on me trying to give me a clue. So I've started turning around laying on the very edge of the bed there by the alarm to get away from her. She then starts scratching my back, kicking me, or doing that thing that sounds like a laugh but it's really that she's annoyed you aren't figuring out what she's wanting. She started sleeping through at 4 weeks and now for the past 2 months I've been having to do this. Do you think she knows how to get her way at 5 1/2 months? The only good part is that usually by 6:30 I can get up and then she'll sleep till 9:30 like a log.

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Lucia's Mom said...

Emma's doing that too. I think kids need night feeds sometimes. They start sleeping longer but then their needs for calories changes when they start doing more energetic stuff and the night feeds come back. Don't worry about it if you can sleep through it, that's what I'm trying to do..