Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Foolin' the kids

I was NOT going to let the kids go to school without pranking them yesterday. I told them they could have kool-aid for breakfast. They were happy about it so I gave them their glasses with straws. Alex sucked for about 15 seconds before realizing nothing was coming out of the straw. Then she started investigating and said "this isn't kool-aid, it's jello!!" I started laughing and said "April Fool's!" Dominic thought it was pretty cool holding the cups upside down and they wouldn't move. Damien after he found out it was jello still thought that if I acted like I was going to pour it on him, it was really going to happen and would run scream and duck away from the glass. It was really funny!


kbreints said...

What a good idea! You guys seem to have fun together!

Tracy said...

That was a cute idea.