Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day #2 of Disbelief!

So it was an insane April fool's. I don't know about anyone else but God has such a sense of humor! He loves partaking in our lives so much and will actually pull one over on us! I was so sure yesterday's test was going to be negative...he got me, that's for sure!!

So this is how this came about. Basically I had a period on Feb 25th. We had sex once during the month then I got this terrible yeast infection because WHAT I THOUGHT was from taking antibiotics when I had an ear infection. Those are usually my first sign that I'm pregnant and I kept putting it off. I asked my husband to reassure me that this could not be true because first we only did it once and then I'm still breastfeeding and I have been pretty dried up down there, no signs of ovulation!! I think that was the day I had about lost it with the kids and told him I was sooo done! No more! He was laughing by that. So then we had done it 2 other times but those were just in the past week after the yeast infection disappeared. I figured by April I would test to put my mind at ease. I was just thinking it was the first of April yesterday, it had officially turned from March to April so I should test. There was nothing on my mind that I should test because of April Fool's day.

I took the test and wasn't even shaking because I knew it would be negative, all odds were against it! I watched the color bleed across and saw that positive. I started shaking and walked away saying there's no freakin way. Went back 5 seconds later to a clear purple plus sign. I grabbed the phone crying and called to tell him. By this time I was on the bathroom floor wailing and my poor daughter walked in asking what was wrong. I told her I was fine and go start on breakfast. I told him I didn't understand how this could be, I mean I did but how so easily, so many obstacles against it would it have?!?! He was going to come back home but i told him no. He kept saying he loved me and we were going to be fine!! I told him I wasn't worried about that, I'm worried about me and the C-sections! lol He said we would get through this and just try to hang in there but if I needed him he would come home. I got off the phone with him and instantly went into prayer. I I basically said thank you God! I am scared but I am sooo thankful! Even though this isn't our time it certainly was yours and you know best!

The day was crazy. Called my OB office which is quitting the OB part soon. They will work with me till week 14. I made 3 appointments and then called our new insurance which told me they are not in network. I lost it. They also said none of our family Dr's are in network. I was in shock. This new insurance at his work is $50 more a month! $450 is what we pay!! I cried and cried on the phone to my hubby who just sat there and said "what do you want me to do?" I told him to call someone at corporate and tell them!! He got them to give us the OB as an in network Dr but we will all have to switch to a different clinic with a different ped and family Dr for me and Dave. It really really sucks!!!!

So my first OB appt is April 6th and then on the 13th for a sono. This is so unreal! My due date is December 2nd so we'll have another baby before Christmas. Can you imagine? We still haven't played musical rooms here yet which means we still need bunk beds to put the boys together and then the girls will be in their room together. Alex is in the basement bedroom by herself. We need a bigger vehicle now because mine holds 7. Sophia will be 13.5 months when this baby arrives. I will tell you all that I had prayed to God for another baby the past few months. I honestly begged for another and told him I only wanted one though if Daddy was for it as well. Well Daddy is happy even though it threw us both for a loop but I guess I wasn't specific enough in stating my Dr says with C-sections we should wait atleast a year! Always be specific with prayer! lol


Brittany Ann said...

I know it seems so crazy, but you're a great mom, and you'll continue to be so for this new little one!

Thank you for sharing so openly with us! I love your blog!

kbreints said...

Everything happens for a reason... and this little one was bound and determined for sure! Both of my boys came without any effort on our part... and both times I was shocked when I was pregnant.

I am sure that everything is as it is supposed to be. You two make beautiful children together... and this one will be welcomed into a loving home....


Jen said...

Congrats Sabrina!!!

Jess said...

Congrats Sabrina!

Haley said...

Congratulations again Sabrina,

How very exciting!

Tracy said...

I didn't think about the vehicle. Since you LOVE your van, will you keep it and get another vehicle, or trade in?