Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The other day I noticed Sophia's top gums as she was laughing or crying looked like maybe she was hiding some teeth inside there so I decided to poke around. I couldn't believe that I felt something sharp on the bottom! 7 months old and she's getting her first tooth! My kids never get teeth this early so it was a bit shocking. I would take a picture but I don't think she'll hold still for me to do it.


kbreints said...

7 months is about right for my kids... looks like she is about to crawl too! What an advanced little one you have!

Good to hear from you on here too!

Mama Kalila said...

Wow... I first started feeling Kalila's under her gums around 3 1/2 months and it came through at 5. My cousins youngest was closer to a year before getting one and still had them coming in after 2 (while her oldest had teeth younger than Kalila) so I know it can vary.

Cute pic!

Justi said...

Aw, so cute!

BTW, how is your pregnancy going? How far along are you now??

Sabrina said...

Justi- still don't feel too pregnant. I am up 1-2 times a night to pee though because my bladder is a wreck from all the kids and C-sections. I had an appt at 10 weeks where we heard the heartbeat but I've been so busy I haven't pulled the doppler out here at home. Hopefully everything is going well in there. I've felt like 3 flicks recently but that's it so I'm not sure if that was movement or not. I'm 12 weeks now.

Cindy said...

Kamden just got his first two teeth too! It's crazy isn't it? Of course he was 4 months LOL> Must be the time for teeth in babies :-)

Haley said...

What a sweetie, Sophia looks beautiful in orange.

12 weeks already, wow, time is flying.