Friday, May 29, 2009

Wingin' It

The kids have been out of school for a week now and so far it's going.....ok. lol I have had a hard time keeping the boys from fighting (doesn't everyone?) and Mia from hanging all over Sophia and harming her. Alex is a big help with the kids from keeping Sophia busy so that I can make lunch to helping the boys on the Wii or computer websites since they don't know what the heck they're doing. We have just been wingin' each day though, no real schedule.
I've been trying to keep them busy with all sorts of things but it's been hard plus keeping up the house. The other day I actually felt so overwhelmed by everything I thought of going back on the Prozac pills. I went cold-turkey once I found out we were pregnant. Dave has been working horribly long hours the past week which has made it worse for me. He's been leaving at 6 am and coming home at 7, one day at 8pm!!! 12 hour days are hard enough for me as it is but when I fix dinner and have to do that whole process plus baths myself I just want to throw in the towel and say screw it. Next week Alex will be gone the whole week to church camp so it'll be interesting to see how I function since she's such a helper. I know I will get through this though, I always do.
Today we finished our garden and HOPEFULLY the rest of it will grow strong. It's hard to tell

much by this picture because I put some fresh grass clippings on the rows for weed barrier but there is 5 tomato plants in the front row, 20 different varieties of peppers growing behind and then cantaloupe and cucumbers growing off on the side. I can't believe how tall things are getting already and that a tomato plant already has a yellow flower on it! The bare earth on the side is corn rows and then over alittle more is carrots and pumpkins.

Here's a few other pictures I've taken recently....

Damien still won't get into the hot tub but stands on the stairs. lol

Alex with her awards from the awards ceremony. She got a KU reading award, A Honor roll, the medal is for Honor Roll and she got a perfect attendance for the quarter.

Dominic's Kindergarten graduation. Hard to believe he's going to be a First Grader next year!!


kbreints said...

Oh how fun! Looks like you keep your kids busy anyway! Is that your bouncer? Henry would LOVE to have one of those!

Morgan said...

Congratulations on getting your garden started up for the year! We have some tomatoes going too.

How is your pregnancy going so far?

Sara said...

Phew! Good luck with the week without Alex! LOL.

I am sorry about Dave's long hours. That must be so hard! I hope it changes soon.

By the way, love the photo of Alex. What a great year for her! What is a KU reading award?

Pregnancy said...

I am just stop by to say that What a nice picture on top!!.. with little girl painting.
It is a nice wallpaper ever :D

Kristi Ann said...

Go Alek! She is such a precious little thing!
LOVE the pics! Keep them coming (and any idea's you have on how to keep them busy! lol)