Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This poor blog has been put on a back burner. lol There's been so much going on. It's just hard to really post much of anything without being interrupted. I guess the biggest thing lately is that Alex turned 9 on the 6th! Hard to believe I have a soon to be 4th grader. She went to our church camp last M-F and had a great time. She says she is for sure doing it again next year. I was pretty anxious without contact with her for that long but I knew alot of the parents who were sponsors and knew they'd call if anything was wrong. But it was weird because she had to be the big girl I hadn't really let her be. Shower with no help, dress without me there picking out her stuff, getting to and from places on camp without my direction. Maybe that's what she enjoyed so much, no nagging Mom! She and 2 cousins plan on going to another bible camp here in town in about a month. She was all up for it so I said ok!

The second biggest noticable thing around here is Mia's language explosion. She's starting to say all sorts of crazy things. This week has been "that's AWESOME!" and "cool!!" Last week repeating Daddy right after he said it, she said "over your plate damn it!" lol!! The other day her and Damien had a gibberish conversation in the kitchen which was hilarious. I could pick out words from both here and there but they seemed to know exactly what each other was saying. She's still so defiant and loud which is polar opposite of Alex. Hopefully one of these days she'll realize the way she acts isn't lady like.

Damien has been speaking a bit better as well. We pretty much *I think* have gotten rid of his tongue thrust however the Apraxia is still holding him way back. He went from calling everything "dis" for years to now he's trying to say the words once he thinks about it but everything begins with a D. He actually starts his summer speech therapy today. I wanted to enroll him in the normal preschool at our local school district this year so he'd be at school with his siblings but because he still need such intense therapy (3 out of 5 days) we're going to keep him at his EI school.

Other than that not too much has been going on. Dave trained a guy so hopefully he won't have to be out in the field working till 7+ PM. He had been working 2-3 hours away in Western Kansas by the OK and CO borders. Really frustrating. I magically popped yesterday because my pants are not wanting to fit now and my belly button is hurting today. My belly button hurt alot with Sophia and my assumption is the laproscopic surgery I had for my gall bladder produced some scar tissue. At only 14 weeks I have a LONG way to deal with that pain if it continues! lol I still am going to my OBGYN who has quit doing the OB part of it so I really need to find another Dr. I have an appointment tomorrow and I know she's going to be asking if I found a new Dr yet. I think I'll tell her I was really hoping she'd just let me stick around. lol!! Kinda like the guy on Office Space with the red stapler. It's going to be hard going to someone else, she's been there through all our babies.

So that's about it. Been feeling really blessed with everything God has given us. We recently had an insurance agent/friend come over who's trying to get us to look at the future (aka:life insurance, will) and tell us how well we have it compared to others our age with much less in kids where debt is running their lives. We might not have everything everyone else does in life but we are content with what we do have. I don't want money to ruin everything. And even if I never do convince Dave to put $40K into our house for renovations, I will be content with my one bathroom. lol!


kbreints said...

Good to hear from you! Hope your summer continues in the right directions!

Julie said...

Just checking in to say hi. Is your pregnancy going well? Hope you and kids have a great summer!

Crystal said...

I am shocked that you keep up as well as you do! Glad to hear from you. I updated my blog as well. :)