Monday, July 06, 2009

2 More Days

Well Wednesday is the big sono day and we will soon know what #6 is! Very exciting yet scary that this is real. I've been so busy that I've put remembering I'm pregnant on the back burner. I hardly ever feel kicks but I don't even sit around ever during the day to really notice.

We've had alot going on and I'll have to put up some pictures. Damien turned 4 yesterday. When I started this blog, I was about 20 weeks pregnant with him. He is really growing into quite the little man. He's learning words but still is not talking anywhere close to a 4 yr old level. More like 18-24 months. He tries so hard though and is always cracking us up with his charades to help us figure out what he's talking about. Last night at Target he saw some swimming pool things and so he fell on the floor jabbering acting like he was swimming. lol

Dominic and Alex will be entering items in the 4 H County Fair very soon. This is the most stressful month out of the year for me because of all the preparing. We've got to find 2 outfits for Alex to model, she needs to enter 4 photographs she's taken, she's making 4 baking products, and she's entering 3 rabbits and showing her grand champion Quest. Dominic is entering a plate of cukes, a plate of tomatoes, and showing a rabbit. The biggest stress for me right now is the cukes. My father seems to think that the cucumbers I'm growing need to be plucked because they are about 14 inches long, very large, and will not taste the best however the fair is not for 3 weeks and Dominic needs to have 5 for his plate. The tomatoes should not be a problem since there's a zillion growing. The garden we're growing this year is already showing great results so whatever else I can get in 3 weeks I will have Dominic enter in something called Open Class which is meant for anyone to enter in. We should have bell peppers and some different hot peppers ready by then.

I hope everyone had a great 4th weekend! It was nice for me because Dave took off friday so he had a 3 day weekend with us. We stuck up a 18 ft above ground pool we bought for the kids and I got a horrible sunburn which I am still dealing with. We had a BBQ at my sister's and then Damien's party on the 5th. It was really too short. By the end of the night I was really down that Dave would be going back to work today. I am still having a rough time with him always being gone so much, what is this like 2 years he's been in management now? lol I have just learned to do what's most important around here and take it one day at a time. That's about all you can do when he's gone 13-14 hours a day.

6 more weeks till the rugrats are back in school! I will be able to post more again! lol!
Right now I have 2 computers that they both are on constantly with Webkinz. I think we are up to about 15 of those stupid animals now.


kbreints said...

Wow! Busy Summer! Grat to get an update!

Sara said...

Thanks for the update! I was wondering what you all were up to over there. :)) Fun about the pool! Lucky!

Jess said...

The bigger the cukes the more bitter they get. Pluck the big ones, more will be growing, don't worry!

Jess said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Damien! I always think of him on Ella's b-day since they share it.