Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Was Wrong

I had the sono date off by a week. I'm pretty sure the receptionist had called me and rescheduled but there was so much going on that I forgot to change my calender! The new date was at the same time as a 4 H judging event Alex is participating in so I moved it to the 20th at 1 pm. So alittle bummed but we'll live. I'm 18 weeks now and I'll be 20 then. I have to say this pregnancy seems to be at a stand still on the time factor. I feel great though and that's all that matters. No morning sickness really to speak of and everything seems to be going well. I forget I'm pregnant half the time until I take off my shirt and see my huge belly bulging. We bought a nice 18 ft above ground pool for the kids and I put my suit on last night barely able to get the tankini part to cover my belly. So here we wait for another 12 days.......

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