Friday, July 24, 2009

Can't Wait Till He's Here!

We found out Monday that we are indeed having a boy! I really thought for sure we'd have 4 girls but we seemed to have this trend. Girl, 2 boys, 2 girls, then back to a boy. I wonder if we went for #7 if it would be another boy? lol! Anyways we finished up with the 4 H County Fair yesterday so I am finally going to have some computer time and will be posting some pictures of his little very obvious wienie. lol It still really hard for me to believe when we were there seeing this baby doing all these things on the screen that he was in me. This has been a very easy pregnancy and I just don't feel pregnant except for this huge gut getting in my way and some little squirms here and there. I think with how busy life is it's just so easy to forget he's in there too.

Dave took off the week to help with the County Fair this year. It's really hard hustling these kids around to Judging and then dealing with the other 3. Alex is in her 2nd year of 4 H and Dominic is in it as a Cloverbud meaning he participates but he doesn't get any money for his ribbons. As his first year he did Plant Science/Horticulture since we grow gardens every year I knew I would have something for him to enter. If he wasn't a Cloverbud he would have taken home a Superior Purple on some JetStar Tomatoes. He got a First Place on Open Class for Largest Cucumber and a 2nd on Freak Vegetable which was a cuke that actually twisted and grew a tail! It lost to a twin cuke that looked like a a Popsicle Twin pop missing the sticks. Alex did awesome this year, several purples and one of her rabbits was a Reserve Champion of Best of Show and as far as his Variety he was the Champ.

I will try to post pictures later. First I have to get around for the day. It's been nice sleeping in till 8ish however August 19th starts school here and I am really worried about starting to wake up daily at 6 am again! The bus is here by 7 am and Damien's by 7:30 so there is no sleeping in when school starts! I however can't wait to have my computer time again, be able to visit blogs daily again! It's so hard because my daughter, now 9, is constantly peering over my shoulder on the computer saying "what are you doing??" She is so nosey! Hate it!

Hope everyone else is doing well this summer!


Morgan said...


Haley said...

Too funny, I have a few nosies here too.

Congratulations on having another boy, that is awesome.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

I have 21 days to go until my
6th section.

Enjoy your weekend. :D

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Cindy said...

congrats on the boy, I really thought you were having a girl!

Julie said...

Great news! Boys are wonderful :)