Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm back....maybe!

Well we started school actually a few weeks back but I've still been quite busy with the girls in the morning and unable to get on here. Our summer in a nutshell went well. I think having 5 kids home all summer long was pretty much a shell shock once it started. June I felt like it was impossible to get anything done. I cleaned 24/7 constantly cleaning messes and straightening everything. Sophia is into everything too so she is dumping Xbox games everywhere and throwing toys out of containers just to throw them.

We planted our garden in May and it has done really well. With Dominic in 4 H as a Cloverbud we decided he could do Horticulture as a project however we didn't have much ready in time for the mid July County Fair. We entered 2 freak cucumbers and a plate of beef steak tomatoes, that was it. It seemed shortly after that though we had cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers and everything else starting to appear. Now with September here, I am ready to till up and be done with it. I hope the frost hurries. lol We had a lot of grasshoppers this year and we grow organic so we had to already take out the corn. Our pumpkins died off this year from rabbits which was really sad. They ate the vines.

Kids had swimming lessons in June which they love every year. I was really worried Damien wouldn't get in and the first day he wouldn't so I got in with him but after that (and promising him a hotwheel car lol) he decided to hop in with his teacher. Alex and Damien have to retake their classes next year but Dominic the fish is on to Level 3.

I don't know how well I had talked about it in the past on here but when pregnant with Sophia at the very end my OB announced she was getting out of OB and just going to be doing GYN. I really hadn't planned for us to get pregnant when Sophia was only about 4 1/2 months old so I was upset she was quitting but not really worried. Well she kept me as a patient until I had my 20 week and sono and then told me I needed to transfer. It's been pretty scary considering this lady has done all my surgeries and i've been a patient of hers for 10 yrs now. I did however transfer in August, meeting my new OB a week ago. I went ahead and went with another woman and she is really nice. She spent a good 30 minutes with me talking about this 6th C-section and trying to ease my mind over all the fears. He will be making his appearance in 13 weeks. I'm pretty sure December 2nd will be the delivery day but the nurse has to call back with the time. I'm praying first case in the morning so i don't have to suffer for hours with no food. lol

I haven't posted pics for awhile so I'll end this long post with a few!

Silly Sophia
Alex's Slumber Party ~ 10 little 9 yr olds~ Daddy left me this night for a guy night out so I had 14 kids all by myself. Scary! lolAnd VBS- Damien on the right in front, Dominic 2nd row in the red, Alex has a candlestick behind her. lol


Morgan said...

Is your new doctor concerned at all about you having a 6th. c-section so soon? How many weeks will you be when you have the c-section?

I'm sorry for the drama with your sister. I take it she doesn't read your blog? I hope you guys work things out soon.

Sabrina said...

She's not really concerned, everything seems to be going smooth so far. I'll be 39 weeks when she'll deliver me. And heck no, none of my family reads this blog. lol!

Sara said...

Glad for your update! I can't believe how big all the kiddos are getting!! Have you picked a name for the newest munchkin?

Julie said...

Just checking in on ya, since you haven't posted in while! I love the garden pics, great job! Hope all is well with the pregnancy...congrats on having a little boy!!!

Cindy said...

ok so where are you now?