Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am Still Alive, I Swear!

Well my idea of posting more after the kids were in school went completely out the door. Having even just Mia and Sophia home half the day and trying to get other things done is a challenge. I do get online but usually it's 5 minutes here and there. I leave it on all day, just in case I can jump on.

Sophia just turned a year old last week. It's hard to believe it's went so fast. She surprised Dave and I by starting to walk at 10 months vs 14 for Mia. She's started climbing up things which has been really scary! The past year has been hard dealing with Mia and how she treats Sophia. She thinks she's doing good but hugging her in a choking position and pushing her while she walks are not funny or good things. I can't leave the 2 unsupervised for a minute in fear that she's going to hurt Sophia so I'm always putting her in her crib for safety if I need to go get the mail or whatever.
We've been really busy with activities. Dave is still working his crazy long days and most Saturdays too but we chug on. M-Thursday something is usually going on with 4-H, Girl Scouts, Awana, and Flag Football. I'm usually the one shuffling everyone where they need to go but if he makes it home before 7 he will help with what he can. Damien starts Basketball next month just as Football ends. This will be his first sport so it will be interesting to see how he does at it. After he's done then Dominic gets to play the next session of Basketball which he is so excited to play again. lol Alex enrolled herself in a slew of 4-H activities this year. She's doing Horses, Rabbits, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts, Foods, Buymanship, and Photography. Shoot me when the County Fair arrives. ;)

We added some new additions to our family this summer....
This is Romeo our new guinea pig. We got him in June, it's been about 2 years since we lost Vinnie and when Petco opened here, well I bought him. lol He's a sweet guy but very skittish which is opposite of Vinnie. Hopefully he's going to calm down as he gets older.

2 Jersey Wooly rabbits. The Broken Black/White is a buck, the Blue Otter is a Doe. We decided to try another breed for next year's fair. These are so much easier to handle than Mini Rex. Should be easier for Alex when it comes to Showmanship. We have yet to name them even though we got them in September. We are such good owners. lol!
I'm still doing Girl Scouts but decided to hand it over at the end of November right before the baby comes. Mainly because of the stress this new council woman is causing me but mostly because I need to take care of my own family and move on. December 1st is our scheduled C-section date. Everything so far has been textbook, no problems at all. Infact this is probably one of my easiest pregnancies. I have to wonder if this baby isn't as big as the last 3 because of certain TMI issues. But in general there's not much pressure, his kicks are not as high or hard, I can breathe easier. If he's bigger than Damien's whopping 9lbs 13 oz, I will be very surprised. It's hard to imagine that this could very well be our last baby. We've decided to wait on permanent measures but i will not be getting pregnant again at all or anytime soon. I need the break for my sanity. :) We have 40 days left as of today.


Rebecca said...

I've missed your posts but can imagine you are busy! Congrats on your sweet baby boy!

Cindy said...

wow 40 days?? That is amazing! I was just coming to post to ask you where you were

kbreints said...

Time flies!! I cannot believe your baby is walking already... in my mind she was just born!! You have not posted much since then....

Miss your posts too... but something has to give I guess!