Tuesday, November 24, 2009

7 Days....or 6 1/2 If You're Anal Like Me :)

So we are on the home stretch finally. I am so ready....well sort of. I had so much anxiety attack me that morning of surgery last year with Sophia's birth, I am praying for peace that it doesn't happen again. It's very hard though having Dr's saying all the horrible things that could go wrong. The last 2 times my OB was actually right. She said with Mia I would most likely have scar tissue. Then with Sophia she said that sometimes scar tissue can attach to the bladder and I might have problems. Luckily I just have a Uterbladder now (fused together) and didn't need the catheter or bladder repair she had mentioned. So here we go again with a new OB and hopefully she is able to get in there and get him out without much of a problem. I've asked her to walk me through what she sees. I would be pissed if she said it wasn't as bad as my last Dr made it out to be. lol!

We've had alot going on as usual. First Damien is doing his first sport, Basketball. He REALLY enjoys it. He is trying to figure out dribbling but like most of the other 4 yr olds on his team, they walk/run with the ball and dribble every so often. Dominic is sitting out this session and will be doing Basketball in January. He's really not digging that I'm making him wait, but as a mom of many, having too many kids doing sports and everything else can lead to everyday being jam packed with practices, clubs, etc. They'll have to take turns for now.

I was planning to quit as a Girl Scout leader, passing my troop to my C0-leader because of what this membership person has done the past few months. Mainly taking 2 of my girls/parents and starting a new troop which started a "friendship" war with our girls. Well she heard word that I was going to quit, took our girl's fund, and merged our girls with this other troop she had formed. This happened on a friday and I found out from my Co-leader thankfully as I was planning on using a check that weekend on a service project we were doing. I was beyond livid. I called her up Monday and told her I decided I was sticking around and not going anywhere. The only reason I was planning to leave in the first place was because this woman had stressed me out so bad since the leader of the troop she formed was Mrs. BetterthanU if you remember that name!! So she gave $880 of our girls money to this new leader who has never even been in Scouts and has no idea what she's doing. I told her point blank I was sticking around to make sure the money my girls raised was used on them in an appropriate way. 3 yrs ago when I took over the troop their cookie money had been embezzled and I am not going to let someone else just spend their money without having some say. So needless to say, I am only leading Juniors now but I am still involved with our girls. My Co-leader is leading our Brownies. Leaders have a group vote when it comes to spending the money. So far all is well but I still have yet to do the projects we had planned for November. Now they'll have to probably wait till after the baby.

Speaking of babies, we sadly didn't know that our new rabbit got pregnant last month. I noticed all her hair was falling out and inside of the nest box. I had no idea that rabbits pull their hair out and make a nest with it. She is completely bald on one side. I cleaned all the fur out of her box and stuffed it with pine shavings. Then apparently the next day she had 4 babies which all died because it was so cold outside that night. They were cute, perfect, spotted little Jersey Woolies with white fur coming in on them all. One was obviously a runt since he was much smaller. It was a really sad situation. We have her inside and from the buck right now and need to find her, her own hutch.

Sophia turned into a climbing machine at the beginning of 13 months so we've been trying to keep a close eye on her. She's climbing up the staircase on the bunkbeds, on the breakfast nook bench, on the couch, on Mia's toddler bed, and the worst one is that she climbs up the kiddo stepstool in the bathroom and then onto the vanity and stands up to the mirror!! We have a special stone tile throughout our house, similar to ceramic but actual stone. I'm so afraid she's going to fall off the couch on it or in the bathroom. We're shutting doors and constantly watching what the heck she's up to.

That's about the extent of new and exciting news here. December 1st is our C-section date. Dave's parents are coming in on Thanksgiving and I'm preparing us a dinner that evening. Hopefully if all goes well I'll be coming home on the 3rd with our little guy. Keep us in your prayers. :)


Rebecca said...

Wow!! I can't believe it's time! Good luck! Zoe Cate has also turned in to a climber, practically over night. Very scary! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!

LauraLea said...

Rabbits can re-breed ten days after giving birth - FYI! My kids did them for 4H projects too (Florida Whites) and even went to State Fair with them (in MN, not KS). If you want more rabbit info, contact me - I'd be happy to share what I know. BTW, I was NoSix (which stands for Number Six) on OBBC in case you're wondering.

Holly said...

good luck tomorrow!!