Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rocco Xzavier's Birth Story

Rocco's a whole week old as of today. He's the sweetest little guy, shuts right up when you pick him up. lol He was born December 1st at 8:45 am our 6th C-section, weighing 9lbs 8.4 oz and 20.5 inches long.

I had been really worried about this birth being the 6th c-section and about everything my old OB had said during my previous surgeries about how bad it was getting in there with scar tissue. However I was much more at peace this time around. I knew there was no getting out of the surgery and that I was pretty sure it was in God's favor that everything would go fairly well. lol I actually slept from midnight till 4 am when the alarm went off. If you've ever had a planned c-section or surgery you know how big of a deal this is since usually you can't sleep at all. When we arrived at 5:30 am, I didn't start puking like I did with Sophia. I got in bed and let them start poking and prodding me for pre-op. The first thing is usually the IV which after the 6th time they finally were able to get it in but in the weirdest spot for an IV (on the inside of my elbow) It happens every time and after 6 shots of burning numbing agent put in just so they could keep jabbing me, I was good with the inside elbow although it was awkward with moving my arm. I am veinless when it comes to blood and IV's so I kept quiet hoping I wouldn't have to say anything but in the end I did. After that, the blood, and filling out forms we were pretty much good to go. We had a long talk with the nurse anesthesiologist about some of the things I always experience when I have a spinal. Mainly my BP drop and the feeling of not being able to breathe and dying. The nurse anesthesiologist girl told me it was all pretty normal from the spinal when it starts traveling through the body. Totally opposite of what the guy with Sophia told me. lol
Because my new OB didn't know what she was getting into she did a spinal with an additional epidural just incase my surgery was extra long.

We were to go in at 7:30 but Dr had a meeting so we had to wait till 8 am. They wheeled me in and did all the fun stuff while Dave waited outside. I arched like a cat and waited for the numbness in my legs to start. After that they laid me down and that horrible feeling started again. My blood pressure dropped and I started throwing up. It was awful. She said it was still all normal from the spinal and the bp drop. Luckily it finally passed and then Dave was allowed in. Dr talked to everyone else helping her, I didn't hear too much but had Dave there to chat with. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep during the whole thing. I could smell lots of burning. Dave told me when she talked to him afterwards that she cleaned up alot of my scar tissue and that's what it was. She told him they were getting ready and to stand up and start snapping pictures. He said "now?" I sort of heard it but it was kind of funny when she said, "I don't have anything to hide." So we got lots of shots of him being pulled right out of my stomach. She must have heard some stories about my old OB not letting anyone take pictures until they pulled them out and held them up towards the curtain. I don't know but when they put him up by that curtain I could feel something dripping and can just assume he was peeing all over me! LOL! He screamed and then Dave left which is what we have always done while I am sewn back together. By 9:30 it was all done. This was my first time with disposable staples so we'll see how that goes. She also gave me a pain pump which put medicine directly into my wound which was probably why I was able to get up only 12 hours after his birth. The last new thing she did was a drain which she said I probably wouldn't need it but she wanted to do it just in case.

By 4 pm I was not enjoying these new things added to surgery. Someone came in and said they heard I wanted the epidural off so I could feel my legs so they took that off. The girls put so much tape on my back that they ripped a small part of the skin off my back when removing it. I was not happy! Then at 8 pm I was out of bed. By 8 am the next day I demanded everything removed. I wanted up and out of the bed because my tailbone like usual was killing me. They abided on the cath and IV and ripped tons of tape off me again which had me screaming. I got the pump and drain out by noon with plenty of complaining but not without having tons more tape ripped from my tummy on that. The nice thing was that my OB told me after surgery I could have anything I wanted to eat or drink which shocked us since I'm used to a 24 hour liquid diet which sucks! I had an Arby's French Dip sandwich and a Sonic Chicken Strip sandwich the next day. I rarely eat hospital food! Dave was back and forth alot the 2 days I was in since his parents were at the house helping with the kids. The 2nd night I had him stay home with everyone at the house. We left at noon on the 3rd.

In all it was probably the best C-section experience I've had. It sounds as if my old OB that delivered the first 5 was either over exaggerating about my scarring or she was just scared to deal with it. With Sophia I turned purple all the way across my belly from her taking her out. She yelled at me during her birth that she was avoiding all the scar tissue and just going around it. Well with this new Dr she mentioned to Dave that it wasn't as bad as what she thought it was going to be like in there. She had done all this advance planning, ordered extra blood incase I hemorrhaged, extra procedures for afterwards and it was a "fairly simple surgery." She came in the next morning after his arrival and brought me a Santa fleece blanket and gave me a big hug telling me how happy she was that everything went so well. I was really worried in the beginning about switching OB's but now I can't see myself with anyone else in that "department."


Morgan said...

Congratulations Sabrina! I'm glad your c-section went so well. I will be having my 5th. c-section next Spring, so it's encouraging to hear of a 6th. that went great.

I hope you're recovering well and enjoying your new baby!

BTW- how many weeks along were you when you gave birth? Your baby sure was big!

Rebecca said...

What a great birth story! I am so happy that you were pleased with the delivery. Sounds like your OB is awesome!! I love the name Rocco, goes great with your other baby's names!! Congrats again! I was so excited to see you updated!!

Haley said...

What an amazing birth story. I am so happy that things went so well. Reading about your spinal has caused the nerves in my back to ache. lol. Your dr sounds amazing, I am glad you found her. So, should we both go for c-section #7? lol. Take care and enjoy your new blessing, Rocco is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sabrina! Welcome to the world Rocco! He's a cutie! Glad the c-section went smoothly, hoping for a speedy recovery for you!


Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing this story! I connected here through a few different links.

I'm up for my fifth cesarean here on Feb 19th and I'm starting to get the jitters--#4 was a pretty hard recovery for me, so to hear your positive story was reassuring! Thank you!

geraldine11 said...

So glad to hear of someone who has had 6 c sections
I'm considering having my 6th but didn't think it was
Possible. Congrats and I hope all is well x

nalejos said...

hi my name is nicole and I'm preparing for my 6th section!