Monday, March 29, 2010

What's been going on HERE lately

So the past month I discovered Huggies put out a coupon on for $3 off 1 package. If you friend them on Facebook they have another $3 there as well! Here's a few steals I was able to get. Of course I have a ton of register rewards now but I am A-OK with that! :)

This stash was $26.97 + tax
This was $13.11 plus tax
This total was $35.
Now no Huggies but I paid $14.95 for all of it and I thought that was awesome!
And if anyone knows how to build storage cabinets please feel free to come over and build something for me because I really look like a hoarder right now with diaper packages and other junk everywhere. LOL!


kbreints said...

You have always been so good at this!!

Christine said...

You go girl! Please teach me-- I want to learn!