Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Hell of A Week In Pictures

We've had all sorts of craziness going on in our parts this past week. It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I decided the easiest and quickest way would just be a few pictures. lol I honestly will be glad when April is over. I've dislike this month ever since losing our baby back in April of 2004. I dread it because it brings back so many memories of that awful week of finding out and then losing our little one. It's also bittersweet though because April 1994 is when Dave and I officially became a couple again.

We started last week with burn bans. Well there were burn bans but fires have been starting up left and right out here, close to home which has been a bit scary.

Kmart was doing their Super double coupons up to $2.00 each coupon so as you can see I went to freebie town on their offer. They would only accept 5 coupons per day per person so I had to make several trips to get all this but in the end before tax it cost a total of $9.40.

Friday night my daughter stayed over at a friends house. She went to her house after school so Dave or I needed to take her clothes over. I let Dave, i probably should have because driving down the highway at 65mph he plowed into a doe. He totaled his work truck. Yep and thankfully since it wasn't preventable his company has told us we don't need to come up with the deductible or anything. We have free use of it with him as a manager so they didn't care that he was driving it at night. Dave worked the next morning, luckily he had another work truck here at the house for another employee and so he just used it. I had to take all the kids to Damien's soccer game. He's starting to understand it a bit more but he's more about socializing with friends as you can see. lol
Saturday afternoon after my last attempt of getting Kmart doubles there were TONS of sirens going off during my shopping trip. I figured there had been a bad accident or something. Came home and found out through Facebook that one of my good highschool friends had been murdered. I actually found out BEFORE they announced he was murdered that, that was indeed how his death occured. Someone has posted RIP Josh and then someone emailed and said they heard he was stripped and beat to death with a bat. All they said for 3 days was that it may be a homicide. It is very upsetting that his death appears to be been bragged about, gotten around town first. You can imagine his killers were caught quickly. They just announced today some more details. He was asked to come to an apartment so he did. People were hiding in the apartment, they duct taped him first, ambushed him and beat him to death and then stuck him back in his car a few blocks away. Tomorrow we go to his funeral. I am dreading it so much.
I couldn't even face going to church the next day because I knew it would be too emotional. Dave suggested we skip out and take the kids to the zoo so that's what we did. After thinking so much about Josh's kids we just wanted to spend the day with ours and remember how blessed we are.


Cindy said...

wow Sabrina, I am sso sorry. :-( How horrible for him and for all his family and friends. Knowing someone dies that way is just horrible,

kbreints said...

Oh my god. WHAT THE HELL? That makes me so angry. What could have EVER been the cause for this? I am so so sorry.