Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Big Sono you don't expect

We have a pretty large prayer request coming from our household. We finally got our sonogram done that was to tell us if my placenta had rose up out of the way so we could hopefully have a normal pregnancy like the rest and deliver here in our town. We both went in pretty positive that everything was fine but after about a unusually LONG 45 minute sonogram of the placenta, heart valve flow, kidneys, liver and umbilical cord over and over and over we found out that we are in for a scary ride of our lives on this one.

My placenta did not rise infact it dropped all the way over my cervix so I have Placenta Previa. My last prayer request was that this wouldn’t happen because they were worried about something called acreta where the placenta would attach to my old c-section scar. There’s 3 types of acreta. One is attached to the scar, one digs into the muscle of the uterus and the absolute worst is called percreta where it grows through and the placenta attaches to organs. Mine is the worst, percreta and all they can see right now is that it is attached to the bladder through the sono. They want to do an MRI to see how bad or where else it has grown and attached. They won’t even touch this condition and surgery at our hospital so we do have to deliver in Wichita. My delivery has been moved from around March 11 to around January 28 when I will be about 34 weeks in hopes that the earlier the better on the growth of the damage to my insides. The surgery is so complex they will have onocolgy Dr’s there since they deal with removing cancer and masses from the body. I’ll have an OBGYN helping with the surgery I have yet to meet and some other surgeons we’re supposed to be meeting as well. I'm supposed to prepare for a delivery with tons of people I've never met in the room. Hopefully with advanced planning everything will go well but they weren’t going to lie and I already know that people can and have died from this surgery. They told me to expect to lose about ½ my blood from extensive bleeding when doing the hysterectomy and other repairs all at the same time. Luckily the way it sounds is I will be awake for the removal of our baby and then they will quickly put me to sleep, take my husband out of the room and start on the rest. That's going to be hard because I will be asleep and have no idea how she's doing being born at 34 weeks.

It was pretty hard to digest this on Tuesday but I think it was nothing compared to the next blow since it wasn’t what we were there for. We are having a little girl and she has a SUA or single umbilical artery (2 vessel cord) which is a marker for Downs, Trisomy, heart problems, IUGR, kidney failure, and a bunch of other chromosomal problems. I pretty much lost it when hearing all this. There’s a 30-60% chance for a fetal abnormality. They asked me to do a Amnio to see what we could be facing and I refused. I also did not do quad blood screening at the beginning of the pregnancy either because we would never Abort anyways. So because of her only receiving half (instead of 2 cords) of oxygenated blood we are going to be doing growth sonos every 4 weeks to make sure she’s growing and thriving. For now she’s planned to come out at 34 weeks because of my problems. She’ll be moved straight into the NICU at the hospital. She could be there from 1-2 weeks depending how this all develops and she stays in until 34 weeks.

So that is my news we’ve been digesting the past 2 days. It’s extremely overwhelming and hard to believe all this is going on in there as I “feel” like this is a normal pregnancy in there. I feel her kicking away, I don’t feel like her kicks are any different or that the placenta is causing any pain on my scar or bladder. I feel pretty normal! I think the biggest worry for us both is me not pulling through the surgery. He HATES when I’ve had the c-sections in the past but this is so much more than just a c-section. He was really distraught and emotional when we left the clinic and he asked if I needed him at home, I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to work the rest of the day! Lol

So there ya go. Massive prayer request, so many things that we need to go right. Lots of unknowns. We have not had a very good 2010 year at all. This baby sort of turned the year around for us and now everything is going wrong with this as well. Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Hugs and prayers. I hope everything is okay!

Veronica said...

Oh Sabrina!! I am so sorry and you will be in my prayers. I have my 20 week sono on the 17th of this month and your are now the THIRD person I know of in the last month to have a sono go badly. I am a nut case with worry right now. This is my 5th section and I am really scared of them finding acreta as well. But the good news is that God is in control and He knows what is best. Sucks to hang in to that and feel powerless, but things will work out okay. Good luck!!!

Pipsylou said...

Sabrina - I know more than I want to know about all of this. If you need to, or if you feel like it, please drop me a line.

Kristi Ann said...

Oh Sabrina...that is so heart wrenching..I will add you and your family to our prayer list at church, and to my nightly list as well! God is good. Have faith. You are one of the strongest people I know. Please know that if youneed anything I am here. And let Dave know too. He must be going through such emotion as well..

HUGE hugs and please keep us updated!!

Cindy said...

Sabrina HUGE hugs. I am at a loss for words for you and your family. I will say lots of prayers for your little baby, and know that any time you need prayers I am here.