Tuesday, January 04, 2011

No Answers Yet

This is Sophia on the way to the ENT Dr this morning for a follow up after surgery. Not happy at all. We had a 10 minute fight of putting on clothes and shoes this morning and then another fight to buckle her in. She knew exactly that whatever we were doing involved her face because no one was going with us and was staying home with Grandma. Today's appointment we were hoping to get more answers but we didn't get anything. So far all the cultures have came out negative. We are waiting on Cat Scratch Disease. A nurse and I held her down as he removed the plastic drain from her face. Then he stuck 2 swabs in the hole from the drain to get new cultures and then called a Pediatric Infectious Disease Dr to see if we should send her there for more care. The Dr at that practice in Wichita said he thinks that what her ENT Dr is doing now is about the same as he would do so to keep her here until we can figure this all out. If it is Mycobaterium then we just wait it out and she will continue to take Baixin for 3 months. He said he's not sure if the other side that is swollen will ever do what happened to the other or maybe the meds will get rid of it. We go back in another week to have stitches removed. Since there was still some infection he was afraid to take them out and the infection to open up the stitches. Will be so glad when this ends which right now feels like never. lol

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Cindy said...

poor baby, and poor Mommy and Daddy. As if you are not dealing with enough.....girl if I could afford it I would send you on a much needed vacation!