Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I think nearly all the posts in the past year on here have started with something about me being busy or trying to fit time into updating on here. :) I think having the last 3 kids so close in age did a number on any possible free time I will have EVER AGAIN. lol

Rocco really keeps me on my toes. He's constantly climbing bunk beds, sitting inside dresser drawers, going down into the basement by himself, cleaning out DVD's in the cabinets, dumping toys for the hell of it. He is a 17 month old monster and as you see in this picture he likes to make messes for no reason like dumping Vermicelli Sopa on his head.
Gianna is 3 months old now. She is doing great! I think she may be a little bit behind with being born at 34 weeks but otherwise she is doing awesome. She hasn't started rolling and she's just now started cooing. I think the neatest thing about having one born alittle earlier was how long she stayed newborn like. She was so tiny! Now she's a turkey. Somedays I'm like "wow I'm sooo glad I don't have to worry getting pregnant ever again" others I'm sad but really I have a huge sense of contentment from God that this is our family. I totally am having a harder time getting anything done with 4 being at home and so young. It's hard to go many places when you have 3 that need to be in a basket or stroller. I could wear Gianna and push the double stroller but instead I say screw it and stay home. lol The biggest problem is keeping the house clean. Oh my my has that became a task. I can't keep up with the damage they can make in just a few hours and what's sad is they are so young, cleaning is not fully understandable to them. I try making games with it like "lets see who can throw all the blocks in the container the fastest!" But that usually doesn't work when they've strung out Polly Pocket junk throughout the house. I try keeping them busy with things like tenting bunk beds so they will play with that while I'm cleaning but it's short lived. As soon as the front room is cleared they are dragging out new toys. We don't use alot of paper (I find it wasteful) so with my compact dishwasher I do dishes anywhere from 3-4 times a day. Since Gianna's birth I've had all the laundry done 1 time. Yep that's it. I can't keep up and I'm doing it like everyday! lol I am hopeful things will slow down eventually but we have another busy summer coming up and I will be running around daily so I'm hoping it will get easier FAST. Gianna is a sole booby child. She will not take a bottle at all without gagging and puking it so I've had a very hard time getting a break from the child. My breaks are during her short naps. In trying to get anything done, I do occasionally ask for some help. The older 2 HATE when I ask them to hold her. I've had to explain it to them like this, "do you want dinner before you go to bed???" They reluctantly do help but aren't real happy about it.
In all the craziness though we are having a blast having 7 kiddos. It's definitely the life for us. We finally got a 12 passenger van. Someone who had a large family themselves traded in their 2008 for something else and we snagged it quickly. They had put a 15 in TV/DVD system in, hook ups for a game system, tinted the windows, put rims and step bars on it, chrome plated the bottom of it....totally not your normal large family van. lol Since we know alot of the people in town at the dealerships we got it for $13,900 which is a very good deal since it's practically brand new. I absolutely love it.

A few months back we discovered through an eye dr appointment that my dh has high blood pressure. It was kind of a wake up call that we need to get in better shape and he has GOT to quit salting everything so heavily. I know everyone always hears and wonders, why at the Eye Dr? Well my dh has always had red eyes and after having perfect vision she took his blood pressure. It was 160/100. He went immediately to his GP Dr where it was the same on 2 different machines. So they put him on meds. This is a picture of him holding his "birth control" as I call it because of the container. lol!
We've had alot of new life around here the past few months. 2 litters of bunnies but only 1 litter made it so we have 3 new show rabbits. Very happy with that. They are adorable and we believe we got 3 Bucks out of that breeding!
We also have a litter of baby kittens. Not really wanted but back in December we had 4 kittens eating out of our trashbag I left on the porch. I felt bad and I had some free bags of cat food I had got from some coupon deals so I fed them that and they decided they liked it here and stuck around. 1 got ran over by my dh's work truck when backing up. The remaining 3 it took a few weeks before the males would let me touch them and the female finally after 3 months let us touch her. Then we found out she had gotten pregnant. I was hoping to get rid of her before that ended up happening but she was too wild. So as soon as that cat was pregnant she turned into this loving sweet adorable kitty that you couldn't even imagine that she was that wild just a few months back. So now we have 5 baby kitties as well. (sigh) I'm hoping they will have new owners next month. :)

Anyways that's some of the new around here! I hope everyone who still reads here is doing well! Can't wait till we get summer up and going....only 2 more weeks of school! I'm excited....and yet so scared. lol

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Wow! What an update! You really sound happy and content!