Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sophia...Surgery #2

So we are hopefully all done with Mycobactrium Tuberculosis here in this house. Sophia's surgery was April 1st. It was obvious she knew the routine. She was sad at first but she knew we were there to fix her face and after the on and off pain with it she was ready I believe.

Surgery took alittle longer this time since he had to cut from her chin all the way to her ear. The lymph node that was infected this time around was the one by the ear. So she now has no lymph nodes on that side of her face at all. I'm not sure what that means as far as her immune system and that area. We are praying hard that the other side does not get infected. She is off of her meds so all we can do is live life and wait to see if anything ever happens.

The 2nd go around I noticed quickly it was healing alot better. Right after the first surgery I noticed the skin pinking right above the incision which was the start of another lymph node but then it just destroyed the Dr's work on her face, stretching the incision, it looked horrible. He did a whole scar revision.
This is the final result. They brown was tape residue I had yet to remove. It is healing so nicely! I am so excited that it hopefully will be a very minimal scar as she grows older. Last thing I want is an ugly scar to remind her of this whole ordeal. I'm so glad it's over!!


Cindy said...

so happy to see an update from you! I was so worried that something went wrong. I wanted to check your facebook but since I have a fan page, it won't let me.

Morgan said...

Aw, poor Sophia. I hope she is feeling all better and healed up now.