Monday, August 01, 2011

6 months and PERFECT!

In 6 months we've went from this little perfect little 34 week preemie.....

To this perfect little 6 month old! She is growing up so fast! She doesn't even appear to be the same baby. :)
I always say how perfect she is and the reason being that with everything we were told with her having a Single Artery or double vessel cord, she had a 60-65% chance of having some sort of abnormality. Usually it's the heart but alot of the times it's their kidneys and sometimes they can have a form of Trisomy. Alot of the time they have IUGR when born. I always tell people that she got away from IUGR coming out at 6 lbs 2 oz at 34 weeks because I eat very badly!! She absorbed some of that fat for me! lol! When she was born they came over to my head and asked if i was aware of the SUA in which we said yes. They told us she appeared "perfect" but she of course would have to spend the day in testing. That day blew for me because I didn't see her for nearly 12 hours while they had her hooked up to machines. But finally the next day she was released to us and again we were told she looked perfect.

She is still behind quite a bit for being early but I have to keep reminding myself that her adjusted age is 1 1/2 months behind when she was born. So far she's able to roll front and back but she doesn't roll over and over and move far. She can hold her tummy up with her arms. She has discovered her hands and toes as of lately and can pinch and hold things. She sits well in the Bumbo and an exersaucer. We just sold her swing last week. She knows everyone's faces, always smiles. We're still having some colic issues but it's getting a bit better. Still cries but not as much. We just hold her alot until we go to bed. lol Still breastfeeding like a champ. :) She's perfect! ;)

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She's indeed PERFECT...!