Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy Time again!

Our summer ends next week. Like most mommies with little ones in school I am ready to get back to the routine. Seriously, I never thought that we would EVER sleep past 6:30 am in this house. This summer EVERYONE has been sleeping daily till about 8 or some days it was even near 9 am!! It's been nice for me because G and her colicky fits last till almost midnight sometimes. I've told my dh the past few weeks we have GOT to get ourselves back to 10:30 nights because he's having to get up by 6 am and I don't see how he does it let alone I HAVE to start getting up at 6 to get these kiddos ready for school. This year I have 3 FT and 1 PT afternoons in school. She will leave here at 11 because they feed her at school and she will come home at almost 4 on the bus with her siblings.

Along with getting back into the routine, I'm hoping to start doing some things I love again. With kids your passions are put on the backburner and I hate it! Everyone says you should always have kid free date nights with your hubby, well I think you should always have kid free time with your hobbies. I am still very much into couponing however this summer it's been really hard dealing with the day to day craze of having 7 kids. I could be doing "more" but it's very hard to get away to concentrate and work on organizing, filing and throwing out expireds. I'm still out there getting deals, this stuff below cost $8.00 the other day, I could just do alot more if I had more time. During the school year I am so organized and prepared, summer, not so much. lol
Same with sewing. I had to do these from 10 pm-2 am TWO different nights. I could barely keep my eyes open. lol My goal now that the kids are going back is to have at least 1-2 hours a day ( their naptime during the week) to do my things. That's usually what I have done in the past and it is usually naptime which I consider MY TIME. :)

1-2 hours a day, I think I could make 1 dress a week, a little purse, organize lots of coupon trips. ;)
Or make more frilly little headbands and girl things. ;) Anyone else try to have their own Mommy Time?

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