Monday, September 05, 2011


My kids are growing up fast. Hard to believe 6 years ago I couldn't really say too much about siblings and how exciting it was with several kids being close in age. I just had 2 and a baby 6 years ago! Today? I could go on for hours about the fun and madness!! My girls are especially the best of friends. Damien and Mia are always asking to have "sleep overs" in each others room so they can be together. They all are so in love with their baby sister and making her happy when she is crying. Rocco and Sophia are my little terrors into everything at the moment. lol! They seem to enjoy doing it together, that makes it more fun and more of a mess for me! I can't imagine having it any other way though.

Here's some recent pics....Sorry about the blurry one, it's the boys having fun at the Dr's office. It's too funny not to post. lol!


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kbreints said...

Such sweet siblings :)