Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Already dreaming of another..... :)

My hubby and I are pretty pathetic. lol! Our little girl just turned 7 months and we are already talking about babies ....me just a tad more than he. lol Sure he wants another but he's not all goo goo gaga over it all. He just likes to be a dad. We started looking into doing Foster care to possibly adopt here in Kansas soon after G's birth. We quickly found out that Kansas has a regulation law to where only 6 children under the age of 16 are allowed or considered for a Foster family, that is including your children and the foster child. What a blow. I'm thinking right now to get to that (since we have 7 kids ourselves) it will be 7.5 years before another little one could come in our house. Our youngest would be 8! We've told several people about this which completely blows a persons mind when you think of how many kids in the world just need a loving home but then you've got laws saying you have too many kids so they won't let you do it. Our state will also on some occasions allow children to be adopted out of state so it got me a thinking.....what about OTHER state laws which might allow you to adopt from their state??

You would think there's probably not much of a difference but there is. Colorado you can have 8 in the home, Nebraska 9 kids in the home, Alabama unlimited of your own children with a max of 6 foster kiddos. We are still just throwing ideas around but what I have discovered is that Kansas has much stricter laws on this issue than other states. There are the ignorant people out there who will say the more kids you have, the less attention they get or the less material items they will have growing up. I would LOVE someone to say something like that to my very smart 11 year old. I could see her pulling out her Android tablet to show it off and say "do you have one of these because my friend's don't." lol The fact is it shouldn't matter how big your family is. It matters if you can love and help them live a better life than they currently do in the system. My hubby is all about me proving a point. I've wrote editorials in the paper, he's thinking I should write a letter and take it to Topeka! lol! Again my baby is only 7 months old. I am not ready to jump into anything just yet....or am I??? ;)


Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

I have only recently learned that certain states have these laws. I think they are ridiculous. How many children need homes? Isn't it better for a child to be in a home with lots of siblings and parents who will show them unconditional, permanent love--than waiting without a family??? Unbelievable. I'm excited about the possibilities for your family. I, too, have been starting to think about foster care. But definitely not ready yet. ;)