Monday, October 03, 2011

Miss Needy

Gi is now 8 months old. Kind of hard to believe! It's went by so fast. Being born early she's going through life alittle slower than most. She is just now getting on her knees the past few days which is short lived but cute! We are just starting baby foods regularly with her. She is still as clingy as ever. The past 8 months in the evening have been torture for us all. She is still wanting to nurse pretty much from about 8pm till 11 pm. You put her down she starts screaming. I think I have become a giant pacifier for her and we are working on breaking her of it by distraction. Sometimes if I'm done with it (from pain lol) and just hold her, that works. She just wants comforted I guess and I don't want to deny her of feeling safe and loved. I've been wearing her when I absolutely have to get stuff done and she really enjoys it but it's starting to kill my back and neck. Saturday we were at Home Depot making helicopters and I had to take her off and let her sit on the floor she was just so heavy with me leaning over trying to nail the project together.

So we went home and I made a hip sling. lol! Wow what a better distribution of weight. She seems much happier now to as she can see the front and the back. I'll probably make a few more just to have in each car and one in my purse. The only downside to the sling is that she falls asleep and there's no where to put her head (unlike my carrier where she would just rest her head on me) So really it's a toss up on which is better. Most of my kids I wore to a certain age and then they were fine in the stroller or on the floor at home but not Miss Gianna. :)

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