Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Life in general has been great. There's been so much that's happened and I really don't know why I blog because I can't really fill it all back in, but I can try. lol

We've had a few birthdays lately. I'm not sure why it worked out that all my kids but 2 would be born around Christmas. We recently celebrated Sophia turning 3, Rocco turning 2, and Gianna will be 1 on January 31st. It's unbelievable to me that a year ago I was pondering if I would even be around for this Christmas. I remember last year at Christmas just thinking how if I started to bleed from the Percreta or surgery went bad, I would never see my kids next Christmas and it was very sad for me. I think that's why I had no problem saying "take it out" to the surgeons that day.

Seeing Gianna our last growing has been quite a trip. First I never had a baby 6 weeks early so she's been behind on everything. She is starting to stand, put it that way and she's 10 months! By this time all but 1 of my other kids walked everywhere. She is far from that. Mia took her time and started at 14 months so it'll be interesting to see if Gianna is the same. Second, she's the longest I've ever breastfed any of my kids. Sophia was second longest at 8 months, Rocco at 6 months, the others were between 2-4 months. She loves HER mommy's chest and though I love to do it, I'm about at that DONE stage. She is very aggressive and pinches, pulls and somedays I've just had enough of it. It's a bit hard to teach etiquette to a 10 month old! One day for giggles I took a baby doll and put it up to my nipple while she had been eating. She grabbed the doll by the hair and threw it back behind her!! I did it 3 times and every time it was the same thing. She's not sharing. lol

It's been hard seeing Rocco turn 2, I won't lie. I really wish he would stay a baby longer. The guy is on the run and not much for acting like a baby anymore. He cares less to be held or snuggled. He's doing well with everything except Speech. We have a SLP who comes to our house weekly and is working with him. He's at about a 9-12 month speech range they believe. He really likes his SLP though so that's good. She's already getting some sounds and such out of him. By this time next year he will be in preschool. With being in Early Intervention they usually will stick them in right at 3 years old no matter when their birthday to give them that extra boost.

Mia is in preschool this year which has been nice. The girls love playing together but need some time away from each other so I'm glad she's in. Sophia is very jealous of her sister being gone though. lol She can't wait till she gets to ride the bus. I think Sophia will be like Mia and really smart in school. She's only 3 but she counts, knows all her colors, etc. I'm not sure if we'll have her go next year or wait till her 4 yr old year.

One of the biggest issues we've had going on at our house lately is daddy and his health. We found out through a fluke eye Dr's appointment that Dave had high blood pressure. How? Well when the eye Dr was looking in his eyes they were blood shot which prompted her to grab a machine, which showed it was 180/110. So he immediately went to the Dr, they put him on meds. Then blood tests reveled that he had a crazy number for his triglycerides. So stuck him on cholesterol meds. And then....he started having chest pains. :s So after an EKG that came back normal they are unsure what his problem is. They think it's acid indigestion but not sure. It's been a roller coaster for sure. A friend of mine just lost her hubby at the ripe old age of 38 to a aortic aneurysm this week so it's really got me freaked out about what's been going on with him. This friend and hubby posted pics Saturday night at a Christmas party and then a few hours later he couldn't breathe, went to the ER. Discovered the problem, surgery and then died. It was in 8 hours time. Life is way too short.

In happier news, we discovered that we actually have a boy and a girl guinea pig a few weeks ago instead of 2 girls. We now have 6 guinea pigs when you count the litter of 4 that was born. :) I had about a 3 day notice that she was preggo. I discovered when I thought she was getting fat but then watching saw her stomach JUMP! Yes they were kicking inside and then wahla! Woke up at 4 am to help a kiddo and in the cage were these mysterious little babies. Aren't they cute??

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