Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kids Break Stuff

We've had a fair share of things ruined around our place. Cell phones dropped in the toilet, fish killed with a book of matches thrown in a tank, permanent marker all over wood, sofas peed on, glass shattered dishes, a gallon of veggie oil poured on the carpet last month. :/

Nothing prepared us for our son smacking our 50 inch TV breaking the screen. Oh the horror. I really thought my hubby would kill both Rocco for doing it and me for not paying attention to him. $1,000 down the drain. It's been 4 days now and it's actually not bad with no TV in the living room. Infact we're thinking about getting rid of the cable box now since it hasn't been used. The kids aren't seeming to mind. I hardly get to watch TV except for my 11 am love of Young and the Restless. We have a TV with bunny ears in the kitchen and cable in the basement if we really want to watch. I guess sometimes we don't always need what we THINK we need!


Married to the Military said...

OUCH. I think I might cry. Not really for the loss of the TV, but for the loss of all that money.

DenimAngel said...

Ouch the money wasted would get me but I would love, love, love to eliminate TV from our home. As for breaking things, I hear you loud and clear, happens all the time here too sigh.

Sabrina said...

Susan! Good to see you. :) You disappeared from Facebook. I was searching the other day and you were gone. :( Miss all your pictures!