Monday, January 30, 2012


It's been so strange the past few months or so. Gianna's 1st birthday is tomorrow and I'm a bit sad but it's almost like I've been reliving her whole pregnancy each month. In November on certain days I would tell hubby "this is the day I found out this..." same in December relating to my pregnancy with her. Then the steroid shots and then I've been thinking 'oh this is when mother-in-law and grandma showed up to help.' Now today I'm thinking of the madness around my house before I left on tomorrow morning a yr ago. I needed to make sure everything I could have done, was done just in case something went wrong and I was either in the hospital for awhile or worse, died. They had no idea how long I could be in the hospital and thought a week but then they thought she could be hospitalized for 2 weeks. Ugh. I'm so glad everything went so smoothly and we were able to come home after 3 days! The morning of surgery was awful. We had to be there by 7 and just so happened that morning was supposed to start sleeting and icing! It was a 1 hr drive to the hospital doing this risky surgery!! So we started out early leaving around 5 am and it had already started icing. Add that and the fact that I was so nervous I puked about 5 times on the way there. lol It was quite the morning!

It hasn't really hit me that she's 1 yet. I know alot of people cry when their last is 1, I haven't really got there yet. She is still so baby like, you can definitely tell she was a preemie. She's just slower on a few things. She finally got all 4 of her front baby teeth the last couple weeks. She's no where close to walking yet. She can pull up to standing and shimmy along the furniture but she's not ready to go out on her own yet. I remember being so scared in the hospital before they pulled her out not knowing what a 34 week baby with a Single Uterine Artery would be up against and then they pull her out and ask "are you sure of your due date? did you have diabetes?" Funny how a baby expected to have IUGR due to a condition comes out at 34 weeks at 6 lbs 2 oz. But after a 24 hr observation she was perfect and allowed to come back to our room. :)

Maybe another reason it hasn't hit that she's 1 is the fact I'm still breastfeeding her....very wearily. lol Since she's got some teeth now, there's been a few times she's used them on me. A few days ago she drew blood. Dh is laughs when I shriek from the pain of her sinking them chompers in but this time when I pulled her off and he saw blood he knew I wasn't joking around! So I'm still feeding her but I'm on high alert if I feel like she's not interested completely, we're done. lol If she is going ballistic wanting to nurse bad, I'm calming her first. I'm watching for any clues that she's going to get alittle crazy and possibly bite so I can avoid it at all costs. lol!
I took this picture the other morning, I think you can tell she has a cold by her eyes poor kid, but someone who knows what she's been doing told me it looks like she's sharpening her chompers with that graham crackers. LOL I bet she is.

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