Sunday, February 05, 2012

Here she is! Gianna at 1 Year

Can you believe it?! Not me! I I thought I'd post some good pictures of her at 1 year. The one the other day she was kind of sick! lol! I love this little girl so much! Probably why I am her slave all day along with STILL breastfeeding her WITH 4 teeth! lol! Longest kid I ever breastfed with was Sophia and I quit because I was so drained being pregnant and nursing plus she started biting and that was it for me! lol She is pretty needy and she is still in our bed at night in fact she's there right now as I type this. Luckily she is in her pack n play until about 1 am and then she spends the next 5-6 hours in bed with me nursing as she pleases. We still have a ways before walking but she's standing on furniture and walking. She is good with her little hands waving bye and hi. She loves her siblings but she loves Alex probably the most since she's the one that will soothe her when she cries if I'm not tending to her. She's a joy!


The Merry Band of Fife said...

Happy Birthday little Gianna. Good job, Mama, she's a doll!

Married to the Military said...

I can not believe that she is ONE! Happy Birthday to you and her!

kbreints said...

Oh she is so cute!!