Monday, February 06, 2012

Girls Are Just As Good As Boys

I don't know where he got it but Dom has always had this attitude that if you're a girl you can't do this or that, especially with Sports. He doesn't get it from his dad, I'm sure it's something the little boys all say at school. He's got to know differently as he's watched his sis play fast pitch Softball for years and he knows those girls are good!! This year my daughter signed up for Shooting Sports. We have been doing 4-H for 5 or so years now, she's never done Shooting Sports. Yesterday was their first day to go shoot together. I told her she'd better show Dom how it's done. So they come home with their targets and it's hard to tell but Alex has 2 in the Black Bullseye! Dom got 1 as well. I think that's a pretty good start to this years project. :) This is actually Dom's 2nd year in BB Gun after this they'll do Air Rifle but we'll probably wait a few years on that one. I think it's great for kids to shoot guns. Yep we are a gun owning family here! But not quite sure if they have the control for a rifle yet.


Married to the Military said...

Love love love it.....BTW, this is Cindy from I had to start a new blog. :-)

kbreints said...

woo hoo girl power! :)