Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patricks Day!

The kids woke up Saturday morning to some surprises from a little leprechaun named Lachlan. First they found a note from Lachlan on the stove with a pile of gold coins and some Lucky Charms. They were so excited and giggling. I told them they'd better go to the bathroom so they could eat their Lucky Charms he brought them. We don't normally buy sugary cereals so that would be why such excitement. So they all trotted to the bathroom.....
where an eruption of giggles and laughter filled the whole house. I said "what's going on??" Then Dominic, 9, came out and said "The leprechaun peed green pee in our toilet!!!!" Sure enough! I went in to examine and there it was green pee in the toilet.

We had a fun day and celebrated having all kinds of green goodies. Green Jello, Green Shamrock cookies, Shamrock pretzels, small shamrock m&m's on pretzels, green milk, rainbow candy, green cupcakes, green grapes and green milk!
Here's my 7 lucky charms after our day of fun.

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Pipsylou said...

You are SO creative! I love it!