Monday, March 26, 2012


Well this mama has decided to finally get some chickens so we can have meat we can trust. lol! All this pink slime hoopla has made me not trust the food chain at all. I had to get hubby to OK it but after I showed him the costs and all (which will be little since they will be free range), cost of slaughter and processing and the fact we would have fresh eggs all the time he decided we should give it a try. So meat, I mean meet our first 5 chickens now 2 weeks old. Nugget, Smoke, Cordon Blu, Hotwing, and Popcorn. I bought these guys early as some fun Easter eye candy for my kids. I have to place an order for the others, we are going to start with about 40-50 and slaughter about half. I made sure to pick out a butcher before hand because after reading up on it, slaughtering chickens is not for us. lol I'm excited and the butcher says we will never buy store chicken ever again that there is that big of a difference in taste. We'll see in about 2 months. :)

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