Saturday, April 14, 2012

Since Gianna is getting a bit older, I'm finding it easier to run away to my sewing machine or to workout FINALLY. I'm still breastfeeding her at 14 1/2 months but I'm hoping, HOPING someday soon I'll get her weaned. She likes bottles but loves mommy's chest too. lol

About two weeks ago, I was on my Google reader checking out blogs I frequent and stumbled upon this. I thought this was a gorgeous retro creation that I just HAD to make for my girls Easter baskets. I have a knack of reusing things so I found some of Gi's receiving blankets and decided to use them. I got started sewing, I'd sew so much, take a break, come back. All was going great till I came back after lunch to start again. One inch in my needle froze. It was knotted so I checked everything out, started again and it stopped exact same spot knotted underneath AGAIN. After having this happen another 10-15 times I gave up. I would try again each day as Easter approached I realized I was not going to get these pretty bunnies done for my girls baskets and was so sad. Easter came and went then hubby decided to take a look since I was requesting a new machine. Come to find out there was a monster who snuck down to my cool cockpit of knobs and buttons and turned the thread tension too low making it knot like crazy. Pretty sure we can say it was Rocco. ;) After that was discovered I was able to get 1 bunny done. :)

I should have figured. I mean there isn't a thing in this house the kids haven't tried destroying or played with. Somedays they drive me bonkers because with 4 at home during the day, they've all got different agendas, plus I have my own with housework.

All has been going well here. We had Middle School Orientation the other day for our oldest. How did that happen???


Married to the Military said...

I am so glad to see you back to blogging again! Love dthe lego stuff. Not sure if I told you but I moved my blog from myarmylifewith6 to

Sabrina said...

Yes! I need to get over there and catch up! I did about a month or so ago and my heart was heavy for you. :( I will go read tonight. :)